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(62)Taylor County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Taylor County Probation Department114 South Jefferson StreetPerryFL32347850-584-7058
Taylor County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Taylor County Sheriffs Office108 North Jefferson StreetPerryFL32347850-584-4225
Hamilton County Probation Department114 South Jefferson StreetPerryFL32347850-584-7058
Madison County Probation Department114 South Jefferson StreetPerryFL32347850-584-7058
Perry Police Department211 South Washington StreetPerryFL32347850-584-5121
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Performing a Warrant Records Search

We’re back with part two of our series on warrant records in Taylor County, Florida. In this article we look at one of the more controversial parts of that policy: the fact that we don’t look at UFIS and ESOL before getting a warrant for a search. And we also learn about the problems with that policy, as well as what you can do if you get caught without knowing the identity of the person who called you. We also consider whether there might be warrant records for you that you did not know about, and what you need to do with them. Let’s get started.

In part one we explained how easy it is to look up an arrest record, including all felony charges, when you want to look up a person’s criminal background. Now let’s talk about the difference between a “warrant” and “court order.” A warrant is simply a legal order given by a court allowing a law enforcement official to secretly search and seize property. A warrant must specify the crime or offenses that have been committed, which makes it unique from a bench warrant which only lists the crime that has been ordered.

So what kinds of records are available as a result of a warrant? There are actually two different kinds: a criminal record and an arrest record. The latter contains details about the person’s criminal activities, including the crime he or she committed as well as the date and location of each arrest. The former only lists the person’s name and address at the time of his or her arrest, with no other information regarding the crime. For example, if someone was arrested for battery and he has a previous case involving the same crime, those records will be readily available.

These warrant records can be searched through local police departments and other local law enforcement agencies. In Florida, you can search these records online through the Florida Public Records Web site. This site has up-to-date records on all Florida state and local government agencies, but especially the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Florida State Attorney’s Office. In addition, this site provides several search options, including by name, crime type, and address.

Aside from a person’s name and address, you can also access information such as birth date, aliases, maiden names, and marriage status among others. Furthermore, you can even find out the person’s occupational history, including whether he or she had worked in a certain place for a long period or not. You can also find out more about the subject’s financial background using this kind of search.

The availability of warrant records online has made it much easier for people to perform a more thorough background check on people whom they are considering trusting with their most personal belongings. With the advent of online technology, one can now simply go to the police department or the Florida Department of Law Enforcement ( FDLE) to conduct a background search on someone. With the help of these two databases, you will be able to get a copy of a person’s past and present warrant records within three days. This is more convenient than what is usually done in the past. However, if you want to perform a more detailed search, you may have to pay a minimal fee for the results.

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