Fresno County California Arrest Warrant Criminal Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(104)Fresno County Police Departments
California Highway Patrol - Fresno Area1382 West Olive AvenueFresnoCA93728559-441-5441
Fresno County Police Departments
California State University Police Department - Fresno Campus2311 East Barstow AvenueFresnoCA93710559-278-8400
Fresno International Airport Police2401 North Ashley WayFresnoCA93727559-621-6670
Fresno Police Department2323 Mariposa StreetFresnoCA93721559-621-7000
Fresno Police Department - Central Policing District 2940 North Broadway StreetFresnoCA93728559-621-6200
Fresno Police Department - Headquarters2323 Mariposa MallFresnoCA93721559-621-2000
Fresno Police Department - Northeast Policing District 41450 East Teague AvenueFresnoCA93720559-621-6400
Fresno Police Department - Northwest Policing District 53781 North Hughes AvenueFresnoCA93705559-621-6500
Fresno Police Department - Southeast Policing District 31617 South Cedar AvenueFresnoCA93702559-621-6300
Fresno Police Department - Southwest Policing District 11211 Fresno StreetFresnoCA93706559-621-6100
California Highway Patrol - Coalinga Area125 South 6th StreetCoalingaCA93210559-935-2093
Claremont Custody Center185 West Gale AvenueCoalingaCA93210559-935-0851
Clovis Police Department1233 5th StreetClovisCA93612559-324-2400
Clovis Unified School District Police Department1465 David E Cook WayClovisCA93611559-327-9200
Coalinga Police Department270 North 6th StreetCoalingaCA93210559-935-1525
Firebaugh Police Department1575 11th StreetFirebaughCA93622559-659-3051
Fowler Police Department128 South 5th StreetFowlerCA93625559-834-3254
Huron Police Department36389 Lassen AvenueHuronCA93234559-945-2348
Kerman Police Department850 South Madera AvenueKermanCA93630559-846-6633
Kingsburg Police Department1300 California StreetKingsburgCA93631559-897-2931
Parlier Police Department8770 South Mendocino AvenueParlierCA93648559-646-3545
Reedley Police Department843 G StreetReedleyCA93654559-637-4250
Sanger Police Department1700 7th StreetSangerCA93657559-875-8521
Selma Police Department1935 East Front StreetSelmaCA93662559-896-2525
State Center Community College District Police1940 North Calaveras StreetFresnoCA93704559-442-8201
Table Mountain Tribal Police Department8184 Table Mountain RoadFriantCA93626
Fresno County Sheriff Department
Fresno County Sheriffs Office2200 Fresno StreetFresnoCA93724559-488-3939
Fresno County FBI Office
Fresno California FBI Office7815 North Palm AvenueFresnoCA93711559-436-4474
Fresno County Probation Department
Fresno County Probation Department3333 East American AvenueFresnoCA93725559-600-3996
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Searching For Warrant Records Online

What are Warrant Records? Warrant Records are legal documents that show a person has been arrested for a crime, but was not put under arrest. They are different from an arrest warrant which shows that a person has been arrested for suspicion of a crime and was committed. Warrant records are available to law enforcement agencies across the United States.

How do I Lookup a Warrant? One way is to go to your local law enforcement agency. They will be able to tell you if there is a warrant out for your arrest. They can also tell you if there is an outstanding warrant out for your particular person.

Do I Have to Show Off My Warrant? No you do not have to show your warrant to someone. They only need to have a reasonable suspicion that you are not where you say you are. If you run into someone at the store and they ask you if you have a warrant you should say yes. Many times they will let you go if you have a good explanation.

Can I Be Arrested for False Information? Yes, you can be arrested for giving false information. This includes telling someone you were on vacation when you weren’t. You can also be arrested for making up a badge number. Giving a false information can get you in some serious legal trouble.

Will My Criminal Background Check Online Relay Any Information About me? Yes, you can obtain a criminal background check on any person through an online criminal background check. Many times you will find out the identity of the person that is living at the address you gave them. It does not matter what the reason you are doing a check.

Who Can I Use a Warrant Records Search? Searching a person’s warrant records is best done with a licensed private investigator. These are professionals who have specialized training in searching for these types of documents. However, if you do a search on your own you run the risk of legal problems. Make sure you use a professional that has the proper training.

Why Would I Want to Search For My Own Warrant Records? You can look for these records to see if someone you know or a neighbor has been arrested for a crime. There are many reasons you may want to find out who has been arrested and if they have a warrant out for their arrest. It does not matter why you want to find out this information.

What if I Don’t Want to Pay For Them? There are services online that allow you to perform an instant criminal background check. They do charge a small fee but it is less than the price of a local search. If you do an instant search online it takes only a few minutes and you don’t have to pay someone to do it for you.

Where Can I Find the Warrant Records? To get access to a persons entire criminal history you will need to find a website that offers these records. There are many websites online that claim to offer access to warrant information but in reality do not provide the level of information you need. They will only give you limited information that is old or incomplete. So make sure you do your homework and find a reputable website.