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Sierra County Probation Department100 Courthouse SquareAlleghanyCA95910530-289-3277
Sierra County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Sierra County Sheriffs Department / Sierra County Jail100 Courthouse SquareAlleghanyCA95910530-289-3700
Sierra Valley Police Substation61050 California 49LoyaltonCA96118530-993-4479
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Can I Go Online And Get Access To Warrant Records?

Warrant Records in Sierra County California are maintained by the sheriffs office. This is a record that proves that a person was arrested and taken to the county jail under suspicion of involvement in a crime. A warrant will be issued if a judge has ordered it, and it shows that the person is forbidden from appearing at a court date. The warrant will be filed with the clerk of courts in the county where the arrest was made.

If the person does not show up at the court date, the warrant will be served by any law enforcement officer. If the person is at home at the time of the service, then they should let their neighbors know of the arrest. If they are at work, then they should contact their supervisor. Warrant records can be very important if you are hiring someone or doing background checks on people. You need to be very careful who you let near you as well.

There are some things you can do to avoid having a warrant issued against you. If you are going to hire a nanny or household help, make sure that the person has a clean criminal background. You may want to go through the records to find out about previous arrests. You may want to check to see what happened if you had to part ways with a person because they failed to pay you for something. Knowing what other problems they have may prevent you from hiring someone.

If you want to do a background check on a person, you may want to check with the Department of Motor Vehicles. They will not only give you the driving record, but they can tell you if there are any outstanding warrants out for their arrest. It is always best to protect yourself and your family. Warrant records are one way to do that. Searching online can give you some results, but they may not be all-reliable.

It is important that you understand exactly what a warrant is when you are asked to produce it. A warrant is simply a court order that states that someone should come in and appear before a court on a specific date. If they fail to appear, then the warrant is carried over to another jurisdiction. Many times people don’t even know that a warrant exists until they are pulled over and a officer discovers one. It can be a nightmare to discover you’ve been arrested for a warrant.

If you are ever stopped for suspicion of a warrant, it is crucial that you do as the officer tells you. If you do not cooperate, they may just take you into custody anyway. Don’t ignore them or they will find a reason to pull you over again. Don’t panic if you are suddenly stopped and asked for identification. It is not the end of the world.

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