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(362)Newton County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
HISTORIC NEWTON COUNTY JAIL300 Spring StreetJasperAR72641870-446-5124
Newton County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Newton County Sheriffs Office300 Spring StreetJasperAR72641870-446-5124
Jasper Police Department101 Elm StreetJasperAR72641870-446-2633
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The Purpose of Warrant Records

Warrant Records in Newton County, Arkansas are one of the most heavily populated areas in the state of Arkansas. This is largely because of the proximity to Little Rock, the University of Arkansas and Pine Bluff. Warrant Records in Newton County contain a wealth of information on people, not only for criminal matters, but also for various civil matters such as divorce, adoption, alimony, liens, title, open records and much more. In order to find these records, you will need to utilize the resources provided by the Arkansas Public Records Office.

The Warrant Records in Newton County website has a wide range of information available. Whether you’re looking for records pertaining to a person’s date of birth, marriage, divorce, criminal and civil records and more, you can locate them all here. Because many individuals often record their own activities under their name, these types of records can be extremely difficult to find and in some cases, they may not even be available. The records provided by the Arkansas State Police are considered public domain and are easily accessible. However, you may still be able to locate warrants, arrest warrants and other information through other online public records databases.

The Arkansas State Police retains a repository of public records which include felony arrests, sex offenses, traffic violations, warrant records and more. The repository is maintained by the Arkansas State Police and is one of the most popular online public records search resources available. You can access the database directly from their website or through several Internet searching portals. However, due to security considerations, all warrant searches through the Police website or other public records services should be done through a third party. This helps keep the information confidential and secure.

When performing a search, you will first need to determine which category the person fit into. For instance, if you’re interested in employment verification, then a search with records of a person’s previous employers would yield more useful results. If you’re looking for more general information regarding an individual such as a court case or conviction record, then you would be better off starting your search at an Arkansas Vital Records Site. You can search any of these websites for free but some of their information may be limited. It is important to realize that this information is readily available to the public and there is absolutely no reason to lie about information that is found on these sites.

These public records are also useful when it comes to the topic of identity theft and credit fraud. Many times criminals will create a new social security number, birth certificate, driver’s license or some other information that could be used to gain access to a person’s assets or make purchases. By being able to find out the criminal history of the individual in question, you will be able to determine whether they were actually involved in any crime. If you have been the victim of identity theft, you can use the arrest warrant records to monitor your accounts and financial transactions. These records can also help you gain access to important information that can help you recover your lost property or account.

Accessing these public records is very easy. You simply go online and search for the person’s name that you are interested in and then you will be able to view the information that you are searching for. The only thing that you need to be careful of is the information that is provided by the person that you are searching for. By using their full name along with their social security number, you may get the wrong person. By using names that are very similar to real people, you can also risk having someone else’s identity steal your own.

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