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Lee County Probation Department15 East Chestnut StreetMariannaAR72360870-295-7720
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Lee County Sheriffs Office15 East Chestnut StreetMariannaAR72360870-295-7775
Marianna Police Department16 Court StreetMariannaAR72360870-295-2508
Marianna Police Department35 South Poplar StreetMariannaAR72360870-295-2508
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Warrant Records – Everything You Need to Know

Warrant Records in Lee County, Arkansas are considered to be public information. This means that anyone can have access to them and make copies. In Arkansas it is a violation of the law to keep any record that is not public information. They must state the reasons for the warrant and name the person who was targeted. If they are not able to do this, they must inform the person that they have such records and state that they will produce the record if the person does not cooperate.

Warrants are issued by a judge. They are an administrative order that authorizes a government official to do any of the following: arrest, detain, or deliver into their custody, any individual who is seized. The judge then issues the warrant. People usually get a warrant after they have been arrested or while they are in police custody. Arrest warrants are a matter of public record, but searches on someone’s warrant status are restricted to law enforcement officials and a lawyer.

Warrant Records in Lee County can help you understand what a warrant is as well as how it got your person. If you were arrested for suspicion of DWI or any other crime, you will most likely be asked to give a formal statement. Under oath, you will have to tell the court why you were stopped. Many times you will be asked if you have a warrant out for your arrest. This question may seem unnecessary, but you need to tell the truth. If you do not, your statements will be used against you in court.

When you go to court for the initial hearing, a warrant will be filed against you. The judge will allow agents of the court to go to your place of employment and look for proof that you are in work and residence when you were stopped. They will also request permission to search for the outstanding warrant in your name. Permission is given only after they have permission from the person you are accused of having the warrant for. This process can sometimes take months and sometimes longer.

Warrant records allow the courts and law enforcement officials to identify people who have been arrested for warrant of arrests and to find them. In addition, you can search for your own background and verify any information you might have been told by a person such as a potential employer or student. You can obtain this information without being searched.

How does a warrant come about? A warrant can be created when someone fails to appear at his court date. It can also be created when there is reason to believe that a person is either trying to escape the jurisdiction of the law or is doing so illegally. A warrant can be revoked if the person violates the terms of his probation. Finally, a warrant can be issued when an arrest is made on suspicion of the commission of a felony by an investigating officer.