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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(277)Crawford County Police Departments
Alma Police Department804 Fayetteville AvenueAlmaAR72921479-632-3333
Crawford County Police Departments
Arkansas Highway Police - Van Buren StationInterstate 40Van BurenAR72956479-474-6074
City Of Kibler Police Department50 Oak TerraceVan BurenAR72956479-632-3893
Dyer Police Department305 Washington StreetAlmaAR72921479-997-8557
Mountainburg Police Department101 U.s. 71MountainburgAR72946479-369-2000
Mulberry Police Department207 North Main StreetMulberryAR72947479-997-8235
Van Buren Police Department800 Fayetteville RoadVan BurenAR72956479-474-1234
Van Buren Police Department111 South 11th StreetVan BurenAR72956479-474-1234
Crawford County Sheriff Departments
Crawford County Sheriff's Office409 Main StreetVan BurenAR72956479-474-2581
Crawford County Sheriffs Office317 Main StreetVan BurenAR72956479-474-2261
Crawford County Probation Department
Crawford County Probation Department220 South 4th StreetVan BurenAR72956479-474-5049
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Finding Out About People’s Warrant Records

Warrant Records are public information and are maintained by various law enforcement agencies across the country. In some cases the records are maintained for investigative purposes, and sometimes they’re used to help identify persons involved in criminal activity. If you have a person in mind who you think may have been involved in a criminal activity but you don’t know for sure, a search of their history may reveal that particular person. This article will explain what warrant records are, how to access them, and whether or not you should use this type of record to assist with your investigation.

The first thing that you need to know is exactly what a warrant is. A warrant is a court order that authorizes someone to intercept or seize a person’s property, or to arrest that person on suspicion of crime. A warrant must be signed by a judge, and it must specify the crime that was committed and the places where the property or person was seized. It can only be used for law enforcement officials to locate a person who has an outstanding warrant out for their arrest.

In Arkansas, there are two different ways that a warrant can be found. One is a search warrant which is defined as “a court order that contains a specific description of the place where the search shall be conducted and the officers to be notified if the search is being conducted.” Another is a “ward” which simply means a document from a court that authorizes someone to post a bond or collateral for specific amounts of money. Both of these are examples of warrant records. If you have any information about a person that you want to search for a warrant, it is important to note that you don’t need a formal warrant to start your investigation.

The records will also contain a person’s date of birth, social security number, current address, any felony charges they may have and their record seal. Warrant records are not confidential, but they are available to any member of the public. If you have any reason to believe that a person may be violating your state’s laws, you can use this record to get them into custody.

When you find a person’s warrant records in Crawford County Arkansas, you can then contact law enforcement officials. This can help you out if you have any suspicions about someone. However, law enforcement should only give you information if they feel that it is legally feasible to do so. If you are being arrested, you should seek an attorney to ensure that you do not lose rights while in jail. If you are not doing anything illegal, but simply want to know more about the person that you are suspicious of, you should try searching online for more information.

Warrant records are something that everyone should look into. They can show you if you have a good or bad reason to be worried about a certain person. They can also help you determine what course of action to take if you are concerned. You may want to check online for warrant records in Crawford County before you make any decisions.

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