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(292)Independence County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Independence County Probation Department913 25th StreetBatesvilleAR72501870-793-7965
Independence County Criminal Records & Warrants Offices
Independence County Sheriffs Office1750 Myers AvenueBatesvilleAR72501870-698-8838
16th Judicial District Drug Task Force368 East Main StreetBatesvilleAR72501870-793-3622
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How to Search and Retrieve Warrant Records Online

Warrant Records in Independence County, Arkansas are maintained by the sheriffs office. These records are considered public information because they pertain to the issuance of warrants and were originally filed by constables. In 1875, it was codified and made a part of the state’s laws. Warrant records list the name and address of the person who is targeted for the warrant, the crime the warrant is for, the validity of the warrant, and the person who will be served. Warrant Records contain more than just the addresses and names of people.

Warrant Records in Independence County, Arkansas also show if a person has ever been convicted of a crime. This means that anyone with an assault or murder charge on their record will have their date of birth listed. If a sex offender has moved into the area, their name will be included in the database as well. Warrant Records are public information so anyone can access them.

There are different types of warrants. They include an arrest warrant, which is issued when a person is arrested. A bench warrant is another type of warrant that requires a person to be present and visible before a judge during a trial. Another type of warrant is a non arrest warrant, which does not require a showing of a person’s presence. A court order called an affidavits must be presented to a judge to support a search. An arrest warrant states the name and address of the person who obtained the warrant, their probable cause that the person committed the crime, and any other details needed by law enforcement to take action against the person.

Warrant records are used by many government agencies, such as the FBI, police departments, the Drug Enforcement Administration, and other law enforcement agencies, as well as private investigators. They are helpful in conducting a complete criminal background check on a person. Parents hire private investigators to run criminal background checks on nannies, babysitters, and teachers. Employers use these types of records to check if potential employees have a history of violence or theft.

If you need a copy of a criminal background record on someone, you can go online to an online service that provides these records. It will only take about a minute to obtain one of these criminal background reports. The online service will provide you with a report on the person in question. If you are not sure if the report is accurate, you can always request a copy from the county sheriff’s office.

Performing a search is easy and it only takes a few minutes to retrieve a copy of a criminal background report. These warrant records can be used for many reasons, including protecting your children, conducting a financial transaction, and hiring a worker. You may also want to check if your babysitter has a warrant out for her arrest. It may be difficult to access these records, especially if they are stored in the wrong place. However, there are services online that will make it easy to conduct a search quickly and easily.