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Warrant Records in Pima County Arizona

The office of the Superior Court of Arizona produces and maintains several public records databases. Among these are the Arizona Criminal History Records, Arizona Supreme Court Records, Arizona State Vital Records, and the Arizona State Recorder’s Office. Warrant records are one such database which the office handles on an ongoing basis.

Wartime warrants are one such document from the database. This refers to any public order or court order that has been either issued or made orally or via mail. These include, but are not limited to, writs of garnishment, quo warranto, power of attorney, writ of Habeas corpus, arrest warrants, fugitive recovery warrants, federal warrants for apprehension, and many others. Details regarding these warrants can be obtained from the office of the Arizona State Recorder.

There are other details contained within the records, pertaining to a person’s arrest. Arrest records detail the date and time of arrest, along with details of criminal charges that were filed against the person. Details of prior convictions and charges are also available from the same office. If a person’s record is expunged or sealed, details about previous arrests and their outcome are also noted. Searching through these documents is an effort to compile a background history of a person for any purpose, including the potential legal process of an arrest for a particular crime.

Warrant records also detail the name, address and any contact details of the person who has been arrested, as well as their booking photographs. Details relating to any other occupants of the vehicle at the time of the arrest are also documented. These include the driver (if any), passengers, and any other individuals who were in the car at the time of the arrest. Information relating to the vehicle itself, including its registration number, state license number, and current ownership status can also be retrieved through warrant search.

Information from any criminal conviction a person may have incurred is also listed. If a person has been accused of any felony or misdemeanor, warrant records may detail the charges, dates of arrest and disposition, and location of the arrest. Warrant records can also show if a person was convicted of a crime at any point in their life, if they are considered “understandingably” innocent at the time of their arrest. These records can reveal if the person was actually present when the crime was committed. These records can even help determine if there are grounds to press charges against a person, especially if it was not a malicious crime.

Warrant records are essentially comprehensive court files. When applying for a position with a government agency like the FBI, many things are required to be submitted in order to qualify for the position. These documents will disclose any previous arrests or convictions that may be relevant. It is always important to make sure that you completely understand the implications of a warrant before carrying out any search, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.