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Warrant Records Are Not Always Available

Warrant Records contain a lot of important information that you need to know when you are searching for someone. In the event that you want to have a criminal background check on someone, the use of these records will be very helpful. Searching for this information has become easy now as well with the advent of the internet. Before, you needed to go through the court houses or sheriff offices where the warrants were stored to get details about an individual. This could be really tiring as you need to commute from one place to another just to obtain information about warrants. However, today with the help of internet, all you need is a computer and a few minutes of your time to search for warrants.

Warrant Records in Maricopa County Arizona

If you have not heard of a warrant before, then you might still confuse it with a subpoena. Although both of them are similar, they are not the same. A subpoena requires you to go to court in order to receive the information. On the other hand, a warrant only requires you to physically go to the courthouse where the crime has been committed. The only information that you will be required to give are the name and address of the person who is accused of the crime.

There are different types of warrants. You may want to know if the warrant is a preliminary arrest warrant, a grand jury subpoena, or a national security search warrant. This will allow you to determine what information you need before you conduct the search. These records are accessible online. However, you need to make sure that you do not use any commercial online database as there are many fraudulent websites that just want to gain your personal information.

Searching for these records can be done at the county courthouse in your area or through the federal records office. However, some counties have their own databases. However, you have to spend some time to verify the information provided. Also, you may have to go through the trouble of faxing or mailing paper files to get the information. This can take a lot of time and energy.

Warrant records are also available in criminal court houses but you have to spend even more time in getting them. These files are not electronically stored like other records. You will have to go to the courthouse in the county where the offense occurred to retrieve the record. There will be quite a lot of paperwork involved before you can obtain the desired record.

If you want instant results, you can choose to go online and use the services of a private investigative agency. By paying a fee, you will access their database and they will perform the search for you. You will be provided with the information that you requested in an electronic format. It is that simple. These are your only two options if you want instant warrant records.