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Public Records in Refugio County Texas

The public records available in Refugio County, Texas are categorized by topic. This section includes birth, marriage, and death records, as well as census information, family history, military records, and more. Some records may be unavailable due to a fire that destroyed the courthouse in 1879. However, cemetery records can be helpful for finding the burial and marriage records of people buried in Refugio County, Texas.

Refugio County Court Records are available online. These records contain arrests, criminal charges, convictions, and sentences for various crimes. These records are maintained by the Refugio County Police Department and the Refugio County Sheriff’s Department. If you are looking for an arrest, a marriage record, or other vital records, you can easily find them with this service. The county clerk is also a good source for local history.

The county clerk’s office is a great source for land transactions. To access these records, you can write to the courthouse and request a copy. You can also search the FamilySearch Catalog for microfilm copies of these documents. If you are researching family history in Refugio County, Texas, you can also find local histories. These records may include biographies, church and school histories, government information, military history, and more.

For those seeking Refugio County Court Records, the TexasFile site gives free access to official Refugio County courthouse records. The website provides a lot of information that will keep you up to date and informed. These public records in Refugio County, Texas, are a great way to find out more about a person’s life. They may also help you in your Refugio County, TX Genealogy research.

The county clerk’s office in Refugio County is the main source for vital records. These records include birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, and divorce details. Foreclosure notices are a great way to learn about someone’s past. These records can also help you find out what happened to them in Refugio County, Texas. You may also find information on a person’s local history in Refugio County, Texas.

Refugio County Clerk’s Office provides free access to vital records in Refugio County, Texas. Besides providing free access to vital records, this website also provides information on the courthouse’s hours of operation and procedures. This site has many useful records available. It’s a good way to stay informed about the people around you. There are also other resources available that will help you get a hold of important public documents.

The State Police keeps a database of sex-offenders in Refugio County. This includes people who live in the area, work there, attend school, and are incarcerated. You can use the online databases to find people in Refugio County who are known to be involved in sex offenses. The cost for these records is $5 per page. You can access these records through the internet.