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Types of Public Records in Newton County Texas

There are several different types of Public Records in Newton County, Texas, including vital records, court records, and criminal history. You can also obtain official copies of certain documents through the clerk of court. The county clerk, Angel Clark, can provide you with official copies of various documents. For example, you can search a person’s criminal record for any crimes committed in the area. This includes felony convictions, arrests, and mortgages.

The county clerk’s office is located in the lower level of the County Courthouse, where you can find public records about people. The County Clerks office is also the location for the State’s Public Records. The offices are open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. They’re closed for lunch from noon to one p.m. The County Courthouse has computer stations for browsing and searching public records.

There are a variety of different departments within Newton County, Texas. For example, the Courthouse is home to the county’s commissioners’ and district courts. You can also request copies of documents from the District Clerk and Justice of the Peace. The county’s historical commission provides records of the county’s past. Besides public records, the department also maintains historical documents and genealogy documents. You can access information about school districts, population, and other information that may interest you.

The Newton County Clerk maintains all of the records within the county. The public can view the copies of public records from this office. Generally, these files include vital data files. These are documents pertaining to life events such as birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, divorce decrees, and other important documents. The clerk’s office is closed from noon to one p.m. Applicants must also present a photo ID and fill out an application form to request access to the records.

There are a number of ways to access the public records in Newton County. The county’s Courthouse houses the Commissioners’ Court and County Clerk’s Court records, and you can also find court information by visiting the courthouse’s website. There are also links to various legal resources and self-help services available online. There are many other types of public records in Newton County, Texas. There are documents from the water supply district, police department, and the school board.

The county’s courthouse is a central location for public records. Other public records are available from the courthouse of the county, which are located in the Newton city center. The county clerk’s office is located in the lower level of the courthouse. During the day, the office is closed for lunch. You can also check out the information about floodplains in the county by calling the floodplain maps in the area.