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Public Records in Comal County Texas

The Public Records in Comal County, Texas are available online and include important records regarding your family and friends. These public records can be used to determine the background of a person. In addition, you can also obtain a copy of a marriage license, military discharge, or payroll record. If you want to learn more about the people in your life, you can use these records to find out more about them. For additional information, visit the Texas State Public Records page.

The Comal County Clerk’s Office keeps records of all court cases, including those involving children. You can obtain copies of non-confidential court records by contacting this office. The clerk’s office can receive your request in person or by mail. Make sure to provide enough information so that you can identify the person in question. You should also provide the plaintiff’s name and the case file number. The Comal County Clerk’s Office also offers a Land Records Index and Plat Viewer.

Marriage and divorce records in Comal County are available in the Texas Attorney General’s Office. The Clerk’s office processes requests for these records. The Department can provide copies of these records by mail, email, or fax. The office will process your request in the order it was received. It can take a couple of weeks to complete your request, so be patient. If you have a specific reason for requesting a document, notify the Texas Attorney General’s Office within 10 days.

The District Clerk’s Office maintains county court records. You can request these records if you want to see these documents. The district clerk’s office will accept your request in person or via mail. The clerk’s office will also require enough information to process the request. The defendant’s name should be included, as well as the plaintiff. The case file number is required to be able to process your request.

The Comal County District Clerk’s Office is responsible for keeping the records of county court cases. You can request the records of your choice if they are not confidential. In order to obtain such records, you must be a member of the public or have a legal reason for the information. You can send a written request to the office in person or through mail. If you are unable to visit the county district clerk’s office in person, you can submit your request in writing.

The Comal County Clerk’s office is responsible for maintaining the county’s public records. These records include marriage and divorce certificates. Other vital records include birth and death certificates. Using these vital records is crucial for your family and you should not hesitate to contact them if you have any questions about them. You can obtain a copy of vital documents by using the links below. You can find these records online or through the phone.