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How to Access Public Records in Blanco County Texas

If you are searching for public records in Blanco County, Texas, you have a few options. The clerk’s office is located at 300 Pecan Street, and is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. However, there are other methods you can use to obtain this information. You can also write to the courthouse to request copies of the records. You can also visit the Blanco County Courthouse in person to see the documents you need.

To get access to the vital records in Blanco County, you’ll need to visit the district court. The Blanco County District Court handles criminal and civil cases. The Justice of the Peace Courts handle misdemeanor and traffic cases. These offices also maintain records on jury duty and jury procedures. You can find the marriage licenses, divorce papers, and other records of people in Blanco County. For further information, contact the office directly or use the internet.

For a more detailed history of Blanco County, you can also visit the district court. The district court handles the felony cases while the Justice of the Peace Court deals with misdemeanors. You can also access this information if you have a family member living in the area. The records can also help you find a marriage license and other important documents. You may be able to discover your family’s background by looking for past court records.

In addition to the district court, you can also look up civil and criminal cases. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a marriage license or divorce decree, you’ll find that these documents are available for public viewing. You can even find out the date the decedent died. These records may also show any children he or she had, as well as their parents. The county’s Justice of the Peace Courts are also good sources for finding information on jury duty and jury procedures.

In addition to the criminal records, you can also find out about the county’s history by visiting the public records office in Blanco County. The local courthouse is a great place to find a criminal case if you’re considering a move to the area. In addition to inmate records, you can also find out about the city’s demographics. The Spicewood Area Historical Focus Group maintains a comprehensive collection of historic information in the community.

The Blanco County courthouse is also a great source of crime information. You can find birth, death, and even guardianship records in this county. Besides these, you can also access the public records in Blanco County by name, which can be useful for many purposes. Using these resources to find criminal cases in your area will help you get a clear picture of the people who are living in your area.