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How to Search For Public Records in Roane County Tennessee

Searching for Public Records in Roane County, Tennessee, is easy when you know where to look. The county’s trial courts consist of Circuit Courts, Chancery Courts, Criminal Courts, General Sessions, Juvenile Courts, and Municipal Districts. Each court maintains its own set of public records online. If you’re looking for a specific type of document, you can search by name, book, page, subdivision, or lot information. The state’s website also offers free resources for those who have a legal need.

If you want to check a specific person’s public record, you can start with the County Courthouse. The Roane County Clerk’s Office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday are closed. Tax records are also available from the Roane County Property Assessor’s Office. Early tax lists include white males over the age of 21. Likewise, the Roane Health Department issues birth and death certificates within the last three years.

Court Records in Roane County Tennessee are filed with the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office. According to the Freedom of Information Act, any citizen can access court records. The office is responsible for maintaining court files. The clerk’s office also maintains vital records, which are important legal documents like birth and death certificates. Marriage and divorce records, property deeds, wills, and military discharges are also available through the courthouse.

The Chancery Court clerk’s Office has records of marriages, divorces, and judicial decisions made by Roane County Chancery Courts. The County Clerk’s Office also keeps court minute books for Roane County. The clerk’s office also keeps divorce and death certificates. Using the County’s online court records system is an easy way to search for public records in Roane County, Tennessee. It’s also possible to search for military discharges by entering the person’s name into the database.

The Circuit Court clerk’s office in Roane County is another important office. It records judicial proceedings. In Roane County, the Circuit Court Clerk’s office maintains these files. The Register’s office also keeps vital records, which are legal documents. They include birth and death certificates, property deeds, wills, and divorce documents. There are other types of public records in Roane County, Tennessee.

The county’s Clerk of the Circuit Court provides Chancery Court and Circuit Court minutes for Roane County. The property assessor’s office also has tax records, which can be useful if you want to know how much your neighbor spent on real estate. By accessing these records, you can find the names of people who have moved in your area. You can also access military discharge information. These documents can be obtained from the National Archives Order Reproductions site.