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Public Records in Meade County South Dakota

Looking for Public Records in Meade County South Dakota? If you’re researching your ancestry, you’ve come to the right place. This county was formed in 1889. Early censuses show the county in the Iowa, Minnesota, and Dakota territories. In addition, Meade County has its own court system. Use the links below to search court records and other information related to this area.

Meade County is located in South Dakota and has a population of 25,434 people. The county was named after Fort Meade, which was founded in 1878. The area was named for the General George Meade who was responsible for garrisoning the area. The county is the seventh-largest in South Dakota, with land covering 3,471 square miles (9,020 km2) and 12 square miles (31 km2) of water. According to the 2010 census, Meade County had a population of 26,108. The Meade County jail is of medium security and is open to adults.

To find Meade County court records, you can visit the county clerk’s office. There, you can find public information on people arrested and convicted in the county. If you’re interested in jail inmates, you can search for their names, documents, and more. A public record in Meade County is a great place to start your search for justice. The state of South Dakota has a variety of public records, including arrest and eviction records.

You can find Meade County jail inmate records. You can search these by name or document number. You can also find Meade County statistics at the U.S. Census Bureau website. And finally, the Meade County Sex Offender Registry provides free information on people accused of crimes. You can search by name, city, neighborhood, or street address using this online resource. This resource is perfect for anyone looking for information on someone in Meade County.

A public records search can help you identify people in your family, business, and government history. It can also help you find out who resides in your neighborhood. A county’s courthouse records may contain information on a person’s military service and his or her family. You may also be able to find a person’s criminal history in Meade County. There are many ways to access Meade County court records.

You can find Meade County court records online. These records include criminal, civil, and family court documents. You can also find Meade county census results for the years 1836 and 1850. The U.S. Census Bureau website also lists Meade County jail statistics. You can find Meade County jail employees’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and other information. In Meade, you can find personal details on members of your congregation.