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Public Records in Lee County South Carolina

You can find the most recent public records in Lee County, South Carolina by using one of the following resources: federal population schedules. This index is available online, but printed versions are more accurate. The Lee County courthouse has court records dating back to 1902. The courthouse also houses the local jail, and there are many public courts in Lee County. The Lee County Clerk’s office also provides a wealth of information for your public record needs.

Lee County vital records are available for 1915 and later family members. You can order them in person, or mail them to you. If you are looking for historical birth, marriage, or death records, you can contact the county clerk or state department of health. Founded in Darlington and Sumter counties, Lee County was separated from them. Therefore, you can search public records of Lee County at several locations. It’s easy to find what you’re looking for.

Birth records are available at the Lee County Health Department in Bishopville. You can also request historical records from the State Department of Health website. These records date back to 1641. The Lee County Probate Judge’s office can provide you with historical marriage and divorce records. The marriage and death records in the county can also be obtained. The County was formerly part of Darlington and Sumter counties, but was formed in 1819.

Birth records can also be found at the Lee County Health Department. However, birth records are not very detailed and are only available on an abbreviated form. For more details, you can visit the South Carolina Vital Records. There are no marriage licenses required by local governments until 1911. Before that, only church-based parishes in Lee County recorded marriages. Unfortunately, some churches didn’t record every marriage and as a result, some marriages are missing from the history.

Birth records can be obtained from the Lee County Health Department in Bishopville. These records are only available to 1915 family members. Alternatively, you can order the records via mail. The vital records office in Lee County is located at the South Carolina State Department of Health. During the Civil War, the county was named a district, which is the same as a city. The birth and death certificates can be found on the website of the state Department of Health.

A deed can be ordered for $15, plus the county and state documentary stamps. There are also some documents that are exempt. A search for birth records in Lee County South Carolina will return more than 1,500 results. When searching for death records, you should contact the county clerk and obtain copies of the relevant documents. The health department is one of the easiest places to find a copy of a marriage. The marriage records in South Carolina can be found online for free, but a full search of the vital records will take some time.