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Public Records in Perry County Pennsylvania

There are many ways to access Public Records in Perry County Pennsylvania, including the state court system, the jail, the prison, and the county courts. A search of the Perry County public records database will help you find information about anyone in the area. The courthouses listed below have information you can use. They are all available online, and you can easily find the information you need. There are also a number of other public records you can obtain, as well.

The Perry County Clerk of Courts office records all criminal and juvenile court records. The office also maintains and processes motions and summary appeals, and licenses private detectives and other private investigators. The Prothonotary office records civil suits, divorces, judgments, and other civil matters. The court website is private, so you should be able to find information about a person through his or her name or address.

The website of the Perry County Common Pleas Court also provides information about absentee ballots and voter lists. A search of the Pennsylvania Commercial and Industrial Real Estate database can help you find information on any property in the county. You can also search by address, parcel number, and price range. The information you find in the county court records will be updated on a regular basis. You can also check for a criminal record by entering the suspect’s name.

If you want to look up a specific person’s criminal history, you can visit the Perry County website. The site has a list of crimes committed in Perry County. The criminal records section of the site has links to online court records. You can also find a list of property owners by address or parcel number. While this does not provide name searches, the site is an excellent resource to use if you need to find a person in the county.

Perry County is home to several other offices that handle various types of records. The County Clerk’s Office records criminal records and processes juvenile records. The office also has access to inmate and other vital information, including land, buildings, and public utilities. The Prothonotary’s Office is another important office for finding Perry County public records. The Register of Wills is the county’s courthouse and is responsible for the probate of wills. It also maintains information about the citizens of the county and all estates in the county that have been probated.

In addition to the records that are available in Perry County, you can also find out about any criminal offenses committed in the area. You can also find out whether a person is married in the county, or has been in the military. This information is not always up to date, but it will be useful when trying to find someone in the area. The Recorder of Deeds is the person who keeps track of marriages and civil cases. This individual has jurisdiction over all property and criminal cases.