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Searching For Public Records in Blair County Pennsylvania

If you’re searching for Blair County, Pennsylvania, public records, you’ve come to the right place. This county is home to various courthouses and government offices. You can search for criminal, civil, and juvenile court records as well as payroll, military discharge, and small claims matters online. The Blair County Clerk of Courts also keeps information on oaths of office and township financial statements. You can also view a list of local attorneys, constable bonds, and road and bridge ordinances.

You can search for divorce, birth, and death records in Blair County. The most relevant information is available in the Bureau of Vital Statistics. Similarly, marriage and divorce records are available from the office of the Prothonotary at the Blair County Courthouse. In addition to online search engines, you can visit family history centers for one-on-one assistance, as well as free access to many center-only databases. FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries also have access to many center-only databases, but do not always offer full services.

Criminal and marriage records are also available online. The Altoona Mirror provides obituary indexes, which you can search by last name or maiden name. This database covers the years 1936 to the present. You can print copies of these documents from the library. You can also find information on children in Blair County through the Orphans’ Court. This service is free, but you have to pay an additional $12 for the access.

Crime reports published by the Pennsylvania State Police include a breakdown of all crimes committed in the county in 2017. In 2017, Blair County experienced 252 index crimes. Of these, 252 were violent. There were 1,778 property crimes. Of these, there were 67 rapes, 41 robberies, and 144 aggravated assaults. There were no murders. The remaining 1,447 crimes were property-related. In addition to a crime report, a list of 13 arsons is available.

If you’re looking for Blair County, PA, criminal and civil court records, try contacting the Clerk of Courts in the county. The clerk of court is the official record-keeper of criminal and civil court documents. You can pay fifty cents per page for plain copies or $8.50 for certified copies. For civil records, visit the Prothonotary’s office in the county. The Clerk of Common Pleas addresses are listed below.

If you’re looking for marriage or divorce records in Blair County, Pennsylvania, you can find them at the County Orphans’ Court. There are also many marriage and divorce records available through the office of the Prothonotary in the Blair County Courthouse. If you’re looking for a divorce record, you can go to the courthouse of the Prothonotary to find the marriage records. These documents are free and open to the public.