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Searching For Public Records in Rutherford County North Carolina

Searching for Public Records in Rutherford County can be a daunting task, but it is not impossible. There are many ways to find this information. In addition to voter registration and election results, the county also offers court records, payroll and other free resources. In addition, you can find out marriage licenses, genealogy records and more. Using these resources is an easy way to find any information you are looking for.

You can also perform personal criminal records searches in Rutherford County. These records are fingerprint-based and can be obtained for $14 per request. To make an order, you must submit a written request to the Register’s Office and include the subject’s name, address, race, date of birth, and a fingerprint card with impressions. Social security numbers are optional. You can search for any public records you need by visiting the official county website.

The Register of Deeds in Rutherford County can issue you a certified copy of a birth certificate. The Register’s Office also provides a database of birth records for the area. If you’re interested in obtaining a copy, you can mail an application form with photo identification to the Register’s Office. To obtain a certified copy, you can pay $10. If you’d like to request a copy of a death record, you can use the Registry’s Register of Deed Index.

If you’re interested in finding someone’s arrest history, you can find these records in Rutherford County. The Register’s Office records documents, including marriage and divorce, within the county boundaries. The Sheriff’s Department maintains records for people accused of criminal activity. The various government agencies in Rutherford County provide general services and support. You can use these resources to find anyone’s criminal history and personal information.

The Register of Deeds records births, deaths, and other vital records. They also record real estate documents. If you want to find someone’s divorce, you can search for their records in Rutherford County. The Register of Deeds is located in the same building as the Register of Deeds, so it’s easy to find their arrest record. You can also search for divorce records in Rutherford.

The County Assessor’s Website has information on surplus County property sales. A database of unclaimed property is also maintained by the Rutherford County Commission. A person’s criminal history is available by searching through the register of deeds. You can also search the Register of Deeds for any name. You can also find public records for a business. However, you’ll need to be a member of the courthouse in order to use the information you find.