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Public Records in Ingham County Michigan

The Ingham County Clerk’s Office is the primary location to access Ingham County’s public records. The office keeps copies of birth, marriage, death, and divorce records. These records are kept for more than 100 years and can be searched using an online database. In addition to these vital records, the Ingham County Clerk’s Office also maintains tax maps, GIS tax maps, and demographic and housing information.

The clerk’s office also provides access to accident reports and voter registration information. The county’s website also offers access to campaign finance reports. These reports can be searched by name or filing date. Other public records resources in Ingham County include census records, vital records, and obituaries. Some of these resources require a valid library card. The Ingham County clerk’s office encourages genealogy researchers to visit the county clerk’s office to find vital records.

The Ingham County courthouse provides access to current arrests, warrants, and reports. The county website also has mugshots of individuals. Many of these public records are available online. While these resources may not have complete information, they do provide an invaluable service. If you are in search of criminal or civil records, you can find them here. These records are also provided by the Ingham County Commission and can be helpful to anyone in need.

For those interested in criminal records, the Ingham County Clerk’s office can provide access to information on inmate records, birth certificates, and more. It also provides inmate information, delinquent tax records, and property tax information. A person can search for a Michigan Land Bank property through their county clerk’s office. The search results page includes photos, parcel numbers, and estimated taxes. Those searching for a home or rental property should apply for an application for a home or apartment in Ingham County.

The Ingham County Clerk’s office also provides access to accident reports. You can also view campaign finance reports by name or filing date. You can even access Census records and Ingham County’s vital records through the Capital Area District Library. Some of these resources require a valid library card. If you are looking for an inmate’s death record, you should contact the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office to find out more information.

You can also access inmate and delinquent tax records from the county’s website. The inmate records link will provide you with the name of the inmate. You can also find ingham County’s birth, marriage, and death records by name. You can also use the capital area district library’s database to search for census and vital records. For access to these resources, you will need to have a valid library card.