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How to Search Public Records in Labette County Kansas

If you are looking for your ancestry, genealogy, or family history, you can search through public records in Labette County, Kansas. These records can be obtained from several offices in the county. The Clerk of Courts has birth and death records for 1885 to 1896, while the Probate Judge has marriage and court records for 1870 to 1889. If you need other information about a specific person, you can contact the office of the Register of Deeds. In addition, you can get information on real estate in Labette County, Kansas by contacting the County’s office.

If you are interested in finding out more about the people in your community, the town hall and city halls in Labette County are good places to start your search. Town and city halls usually keep records of all the cases filed in their jurisdiction. You can use these records to learn more about the people involved in a case, including the case’s status. You can also find the dates of hearings and other court proceedings.

The Labette County Clerk is responsible for maintaining all public records in the county. She also serves as the official secretary to the board of county commissioners, and has a variety of other duties. The Clerk’s website has three types of record request forms, as well as a fee statement. For a more detailed search, you can also use a public records search tool that can find the name and contact information of a person.

The County Clerk also maintains the sex offender registry and polling locations for Labette County. If you are looking for vital records, you can try the online version of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation’s site. There are also three different types of record request forms on the Clerk’s website. The fees charged for searching the sex offender database are also shown. You can even get the complete list of fees collected by the court.

If you want to find the public records of a person in the county, you can contact the Labette County Clerk. She is the official secretary to the board of county commissioners and the Election Officer. She also has additional responsibilities, including providing access to public records. You can obtain the public record information through the Clerk’s website by completing a record request form. There are three types of forms. There are also fees for the state’s courthouses.

The Clerk of the County is the official office for public records. The county clerk is the county’s official secretary. They are responsible for overseeing different types of cases. On the Clerk’s website, you can find three different types of record requests: voter registration, marriage and obituaries. Additionally, you can search for a person’s history through the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. You can find the list of people who lived in the county on the web and in other places.