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How to Access Public Records in Hamilton County Illinois

If you need to lookup some information related to your family, you can access public records in Hamilton County, Illinois. You can also locate vital records, such as birth and death certificates, marriage licenses and liens, as well as voter registration information. You can also find records relating to deeds and mortgages, military discharges, and payrolls. Getting your hands on such information can make the process easier and more enjoyable.

The Illinois State Archives maintains vital records for Hamilton County, including marriage, birth, and death certificates. These records are free and available online. To order these records, go to the State Archives website. Then, enter your search terms and then click on the records you are interested in. This process is completely free and takes just a few minutes. While this is a free service, it may not include all the documents you need. You may also be able to obtain copies of the original documents at a family history library.

The Illinois Department of Public Health also maintains records for Hamilton County. The Hamilton County Clerk’s office does not charge a fee to obtain these records. However, you should be aware that the State of Indiana does charge for accessing vital records. To learn more, check out the state’s official website and visit the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Then, you can order copies of the original documents or download the electronic files.

To obtain vital records in Hamilton County, you can visit the Office of the Circuit Court Clerk. This office holds original land records for the county. You can access these records by visiting the website of Illinois Land and Property. There are additional resources online for Hamilton County church records, such as church histories. In addition, you can use the web sites below to find information on cemeteries and the names of local men and women who served in the Civil War.

You can also lookup other types of public records in Hamilton County. These records are available for free online through the county clerk’s office. For example, if you are interested in an African American person’s birth, you can search their birth records. If you want to find birth and death records, you can also check the cemetery’s cemetery record. If you are looking for a business owner, you can check the business’s history by searching for a certain name.

The Office of the Circuit Court Clerk maintains original land records. These documents are available online for free. In addition to these, you can access records related to the Civil War. The court clerk’s office also holds original court documents. For more information about the Circuit Court Clerk, visit the following websites. They are a valuable resource for genealogy. There are several online directories with information about Hamilton County, Illinois. In addition to these, you can also look up marriage and divorce records.