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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Wood County Clerk Offices
Wood County Clerk400 Market StreetWisconsin RapidsWI54494715-421-8460
Biron Village Clerk451 Kahoun RoadWisconsin RapidsWI54494715-423-6580
Marshfield City Clerk630 South Central AvenueMarshfieldWI54449715-384-3636
Pittsville City Clerk5318 1st AvenuePittsvilleWI54466715-884-2422
Wisconsin Rapids Clerk444 West Grand AvenueWisconsin RapidsWI54495715-421-6212
Wood County Town & City Halls
Wood Town Hall8210 Main StreetPittsvilleWI54466715-884-2135
Sigel Town Hall3698 Town Hall RoadWisconsin RapidsWI54495715-569-4903
Wood County Marriage License Office
Wood County Marriage LicenseWood County Courthouse, 2Nd Floor, Room 203 A-B, 400 Market St.Wisconsin RapidsWI54495715-421-8460
Wood County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Wood County Clerk Marriage Applications
Wood County Clerk Website
Wood County McMillan Memorial Library Cemetery Records
Wood County Register of Deeds County Records
Wood County Register of Deeds Vital Records
Wood County Register of Deeds Website
Married Couples 16,104 (50.0%)
Unmarried Couples 2,345 (3.2%)
Never Married Men 8,346 (28.2%)
Never Married Women 6,645 (21.7%)
Separated Men 211 (0.7%)
Separated Women 206 (0.7%)
Widowed Men 858 (2.9%)
Widowed Women 3,162 (10.3%)
Divorced Men 3,497 (11.8%)
Divorced Women 4,065 (13.3%)

How to Lookup Marriage Records in Wood County, Wisconsin

Public marriage records in Wood County are one of the most requested types of records by individuals and organizations throughout the USA. While public records such as marriage license and divorce decrees can be retrieved from the courts of a particular state, they will only disclose the information relevant to that state. Therefore, while a resident of Wisconsin may obtain records from a court in another state, they will only disclose information relevant to that state. In addition to this, the information disclosed from these records is rarely current as it is rarely updated due to the fact that these records are kept in a filing cabinet for a prolonged period of time.

People will need to obtain public marriage records in Wisconsin from authorized sources in order to obtain the information they need. This is because the Freedom of Information Act allows individuals to view records that are filed in the State Repository. These files include marriage licenses and other public information filed within the county courthouse in every county across the state. However, these public records cannot be obtained from the court houses of the individual or from the county offices themselves. Therefore, all requests for information must be made via the internet from government websites.

Individuals interested in obtaining marriage records in Wisconsin need to find one of the government websites that maintaining these databases. It is essential that you find the correct website as there are many sites that claim to offer this information free of charge. Once you have located a good website you need to ensure that the website will allow you to search their database for the specific person or for various dates and locations. This is so you will be able to access the desired information and obtain it with little to no hassle. It is important that you read the terms and conditions before using any website online in order to avoid any future problems.

While it can be time consuming searching through public records, it is still possible to save time and money by obtaining copies of wedding records from the county level. When you are done with this process you can then use your computer to search the official Vital Records website or one of the online providers. This will allow you to view all the information available pertaining to the particular person and their marriage history. There is no need to stand in long lines anymore and waste your time waiting in a queue at the courthouse.

You may also be concerned about the quality of the information that you receive from such services. The fact is that most marriage records are now computerized and are virtually error free. Therefore, you can rest assured that whatever information you are provided is complete and accurate.

In addition to the fact that the services provided by these websites are error free, they are also quite convenient. You can obtain all of the information you need at the click of a mouse and save yourself a lot of time. The information that you will obtain from these records is readily available and easy to retrieve. Therefore, if you have any reason to search for marriage records in Wood County, Wisconsin then you should consider using an online service to do so.

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