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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
St. Croix County Clerk Offices
New Richmond Clerk156 East 1st StreetNew RichmondWI54017715-246-2152
North Hudson Village Clerk400 7th Street NorthHudsonWI54016715-386-5141
Somerset Township Clerk748 Wisconsin 35SomersetWI54025715-247-5094
St Croix County Clerk1101 Carmichael RoadHudsonWI54016920-459-3003
Stanton Town Hall Clerk2245 County Road HDeer ParkWI54007715-248-4550
St. Croix County Town & City Halls
Glenwood City Hall132 Pine StreetGlenwoodWI54013715-265-4227
Hudson City Hall505 3rd StHudsonWI54016715-386-4776
Kinnickinnic Town Hall1271 County Road MRiver FallsWI54022715-425-8082
Martell Town HallW5581 US Highway 63BaldwinWI54002715-688-4645
Richmond Town Hall1428 100th StNew RichmondWI54017715-246-3595
Spring Lake Town HallN7717 County Rd NSpring ValleyWI54767715-772-4241
Springfield Town Hall856 310th StGlenwoodWI54013715-772-4528
St Joseph Town Hall1337 COUNTY RdHudsonWI54016715-549-6235
Stanton Town Hall2245 County Road HDeer ParkWI54007715-248-4550
Troy Town Hall277 Townsvalley RoadRiver FallsWI54022715-425-6586
St. Croix County Marriage License Office
St. Croix County Marriage License1101 Carmichael RoadHudsonWI54016715-386-4607
St. Croix County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
St. Croix County Clerk's Office Marriage Applications
St. Croix County Website
Married Couples20,139 (60.3%)
Unmarried Couples1,924 (2.2%)
Never Married Men9,300 (27.4%)
Never Married Women7,853 (22.8%)
Separated Men278 (0.8%)
Separated Women302 (0.9%)
Widowed Men418 (1.2%)
Widowed Women2,315 (6.7%)
Divorced Men3,116 (9.2%)
Divorced Women3,668 (10.6%)

Check Marriage Records Before Committing!

If you are a resident of Wisconsin, and if you want to check your marriage records in St. Croix County, there is a simple process you should follow to retrieve your records. As a member of the United States, you will have to produce some personal information to prove your identity. Usually, this would mean providing your full name, address and social security number. After submitting this information, the county government will forward your application to the Department of Health of the State of Wisconsin. From there, they will perform the necessary checks to verify whether the information submitted is true. The result would then give you your official marriage records in St. Croix County.

In case you are wondering why they conduct the checks in the first place, it is because there are cases of fraud and mistaken identity. For instance, if you go to change your name, there are chances that the new name might not match with the information you already have. Similarly, when you marry or get married outside the state, there is the possibility that the date of birth you give differs from the one on your record. Therefore, the state government takes these factors into consideration before issuing your records to you. It makes sense really. Why would you risk everything just to have an incorrect record?

In order to protect yourself from any such mistakes, you should be prepared before filing for these marriage records. The first thing you should do is to find out if there is any public record database of your state that provides you with this information. Most often than not, such databases charge a fee. If you do not have any budget to pay for it, you can try to request information from the office of Vital Statistics of Wisconsin. This way, you can obtain marriage records that are accurate as well as up to date.

In order to safeguard yourself against all the possibilities of identity theft, you should never provide your personal information online. You should only give it to those you trust the most. Even though some information in marriage records is available free of charge, this does not mean that it is without any cost or limitation.

When you have already acquired marriage records in hand, you should then check them very carefully. Look for misspellings and inconsistencies. For example, if the names of both the bride and groom are different, then you might suspect that there was a marriage ceremony but the names were changed. Check if the parents’ names are correct and if the parents actually filed for divorce. There could be some hidden reasons causing the discrepancies so be sure to verify the accuracy of the records.

With the marriage records that you obtained, you should then verify their accuracy by asking the local county office if they have the proper documentation for the particular case. There are instances when the case is recorded wrong even though the county office has the correct information. A simple check will be enough to solve such problems.