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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Iron County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Iron County Clerk300 Taconite StreetHurleyWI54534715-561-3375
Iron County Marriage License300 Taconite St., Suite 101HurleyWI54534715-561-3375
Librarian City Hall405 5th Avenue NorthHurleyWI54534715-561-5707
Mercer Town Clerk2657 Railroad StreetMercerWI54547715-476-2403
Montreal City Clerk54 Wisconsin AvenueMontrealWI54550715-561-4955
Iron County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Iron County Clerk Website
Iron County Records
Married Couples1,373 (46.6%)
Unmarried Couples263 (4.7%)
Never Married Men589 (22.8%)
Never Married Women420 (16.8%)
Separated Men38 (1.5%)
Separated Women24 (1.0%)
Widowed Men124 (4.8%)
Widowed Women342 (13.7%)
Divorced Men345 (13.4%)
Divorced Women315 (12.6%)

How to Search Marriage Records in Iron County

Marriage Records in Iron County, Wisconsin is one of the vital records of a marriage that are preserved for future use. Since these vital documents are not considered public record and are maintained privately by the county or state authorities concerned, you won’t find much about marriage in Iron County on the internet. This is because these records are kept in a separate department with the knowledge that they will be destroyed at some point in the near future. But you can obtain information such as the name of the couple, the name of the witnesses and the date of the wedding if it happened years ago.

Marriage Records in Iron County can also be obtained by going to the municipal office where the marriage took place. Some cities also have their records stored. However, these records aren’t as easy to access as those in Wisconsin or Minnesota. You can also conduct a personal search on the web but the results are not guaranteed accurate and you may be wasting your time.

For instance if there was a death in the family, the surviving spouse will need to sign a document stating that they don’t want the death listed in the marriage record. This may also be called a side certificate. There are also special types of documents which have to be filed with the court to make them legally valid. If there are two people who want to get married, they will have to present this to the clerk who will then enter all the necessary information into the database. This can take a couple of days.

You can also search the records from the county office but you have to follow specific procedures. You have to visit the location where the marriage took place or you can contact the person who performed the marriage. The marriage license is also stored there. You will need to present this to the county clerk when you request the records. In case you want to obtain the license for a living relative such as a parent or legal guardian, you will also have to present this to the clerk.

You will find all the records regarding marriages at the county office. You can also go to the church where the marriage took place and make a formal request. If there were witnesses to the marriage, you will have to provide their names along with the information about the marriage. After you search all the records you will get the name of the groom and the bride along with the parents and the witnesses. This process can take several hours.

In some cases, there are special databases which will give you this information. You can also get information on the grounds of the divorce and the reasons for it. To make the searches more fruitful, you should only use the free marriage records. These can also be used if you are searching for someone who has moved away, since these records are considered public information.