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How to Get Marriage Records in Charlottesville Virginia

Marriage Records in Charlottesville Virginia is maintained by the local government. A certified copy of this record can be requested from the Marriage Records Office in any locality through the mail or by telephone. To request for the marriage records, you will have to fill in an application form and submit it along with a copy of the marriage certificate of the couple. The copy that you get would be stored in the Marriage Records Room at the County Courthouse.

The Marriage Records in Charlottesville Virginia is different from those of other states, because the certificate is not kept in the State. Therefore, the copy of the marriage certificate has to be certified by the authorized instructor who is supposed to give a certificate stating the authenticity of the marriage. It is advisable to request for the certified copy, especially if one of the parties is not present at the time of request.

The instructor would be one of the parents of either the groom or the bride. He or she might also be a close relative. After requesting for the marriage records, you have to provide sufficient proof such as the age of the person and the relationship between the two of you. You need to mention whether you are the legal wife or the legal husband when you apply for a Marriage Records in Charlottesville Virginia. You should also mention whether the marriage was solemnized in a church or in a house of worship.

You have the right to ask for an authenticated copy of your marriage certificate at any time. This copy of the marriage records is allowed to be viewed by anybody who has a legitimate reason to do so. You can even ask for a duplicate copy if the marriage happened in another state and you want to re-present it in Virginia. In this case, you need to present additional proof such as the official marriage license of the state where the marriage occurred.

Marriage Records in Virginia is not publicized in the traditional manner. There are many reasons why the records are kept confidential and unreported. Most often than not, the reason is to protect the identity of the couple. These marriage certificates might contain personal information like the names of the two individuals, their parents’ names, witnesses including the person who conducted the marriage ceremony and other significant information which could be threatening to the identities of the individuals.

The only way to obtain marriage records in Virginia is by going through the courts and request a copy of the marriage certificate. After you have obtained the certificate from the court, you can use it for your own verification. If there are any mistakes or discrepancies in the marriage certificate, you still have the option to file a lawsuit against the registrar. A certified copy of the marriage record will ensure that there is no mistake about the details contained in the certificate. There are many reasons why you might want to obtain the marriage certificate but the main purpose is to ensure that the person being married is not a criminal.