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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Zapata County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Zapata County ClerkPO Box 789ZapataTX78076956-765-9915
Zapata County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Zapata County Clerk Website
Zapata County Divorce Certificates
Zapata County Marriage Certificates & Records
Zapata County TxGenWeb Genealogy Records
Married Couples2,257 (50.6%)
Unmarried Couples335 (2.3%)
Never Married Men1,816 (36.7%)
Never Married Women1,376 (26.0%)
Separated Men80 (1.6%)
Separated Women305 (5.8%)
Widowed Men184 (3.7%)
Widowed Women570 (10.8%)
Divorced Men493 (10.0%)
Divorced Women538 (10.2%)

Ways to Search Marriage Records in Zapata County Texas

In Texas, the state government holds all required information on marriages and provides them to any party requesting it for verification. But there are some areas in Texas where the state government does not maintain such information. That is why the task of searching for Texas marriage records falls on the individual requester. But you have to comply with certain guidelines before you begin your search for marriage records in Texas. These documents are supposed to be maintained by the county office where the marriage happened and should be obtained without any charges.

You have to contact the office concerned and make a formal request for the records and payment should be made along with proof of identity. After verifying the details in regard to the request, you can expect to receive the records within three weeks. The requester can also expect three weeks for the reply regarding the records. However, this is highly dependent on the speed of the department in the query and the turnaround time. Some counties may be able to produce the information within 24 hours, while some may take longer.

There are some free sources for obtaining Texas public records but the quality of such resources is questionable at times. The data that comes out of such public records are not usually updated or accurate. For instance, the birth date of the person may be updated but the same information may have been already been recorded in some other place. This makes the information of the same person outdated and useless. Free sources of records also lack any guarantee regarding the confidentiality of the information.

You can make use of paid websites for accessing detailed information about marriage records in Texas. Such paid websites are very reliable as they purchase the details from the Texas Vital Statistics Office and maintain them on their website. They charge a nominal fee for this service. Apart from offering the convenience of search, they also guarantee that the information would be completely accurate and updated.

However, it is still possible to conduct a simple online search. You could visit the website of the Texas vital statistics office for access to some of the most commonly requested public records. You could then make your request through the mail. Another option is to visit the County Recorder’s Office for access to some of the most popular records. The cost of this service may be slightly higher than the online method.

One alternative method used for gathering marriage records in Texas is to go to the county offices themselves. In fact, some counties in Texas do allow their citizens to access the records online. Such information can be accessed at zero costs and you would only need to provide some basic information. After which, the request would be processed. Such information includes the personal particulars of the couple, their parents and witnesses. It is worth mentioning that Texas marriage records are rarely available online due to the privacy laws.