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Tyler County Divorce Certificates
Tyler County Marriage Certificates & Records
Tyler County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Tyler County Clerk116 South Charlton StreetWoodvilleTX75979409-283-2281
Tyler County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Tyler County Clerk Website
Married Couples4,176 (57.1%)
Unmarried Couples244 (1.3%)
Never Married Men3,682 (37.1%)
Never Married Women1,136 (13.9%)
Separated Men173 (1.7%)
Separated Women214 (2.6%)
Widowed Men277 (2.8%)
Widowed Women1,137 (13.9%)
Divorced Men1,291 (13.0%)
Divorced Women1,117 (13.7%)

How to Conduct a Marriage Records Search in Tyler County Texas?

If you’re looking for marriage records in Tyler County, Texas there are many different resources available to you. One of the most reliable places to search is the Texas Vital Statistics Office. This office maintains statewide information on all matters related to marriage, including births, deaths, marriages, and divorces. Most of the information they maintain comes from public information sources such as the U.S. Census and other licensed providers.

Because this office keeps so much detailed information, it can take quite a while to locate the records you’re looking for. If you want to speed up the process, consider using an online site that offers this type of information. There are a few sites out there that offer marriage records by county in Texas. They will let you search by a simple search box by typing in the details of the person you’re interested in. The results will include all the information that you can get on records for that county.

You might be surprised at the amount of information that you can obtain just by using one of these sites. Many sites will give you not only the county that the couple resided in, but also the county the ceremony was performed in as well as the year of the wedding. There is even some information available on the parents. This includes their full names, their current state of residence, the birth date and place of the birth, the marital status if it was annulled or not and so forth. These sites are very user friendly and can be a wonderful source of much information.

If you don’t like the idea of letting someone else do all the work for you, there is still another way to find marriage records by county in Texas. In Texas, all marriage licenses must be certified by the local clerk of court before they can be accepted. You can request a copy of this certification via mail. You’ll need to pay a nominal fee to have a copy certified, but the information is guaranteed authentic. So, you’ll still be able to obtain a copy of the marriage license and run a background check online to see if you can learn anything new about the prospective spouse.

As you probably know, most counties in Texas to perform the searches on their own computers. If you want to access marriage records by hand, you’d have to drive to the county office and fill out an application. You would then have to wait up to a month to see if your application was approved before you could go into the Records Room and physically retrieve the records you require. That kind of waiting is really unnecessary and can be very frustrating. That’s why more people are now turning to online services such as those found at Public Records Pro to do their searches quickly and easily.

Public Records Pro actually serves three different types of people who would be interested in conducting a public records search. The first category is individuals who are researching their own family tree or other genealogical matters. These folks would most likely want to obtain copies of marriage records in order to help establish the relationships of their forefathers to their current spouses. For this reason, it is a good idea to gather as much information about the person (or persons) being investigated as you possibly can. Online providers of this information also offer a background check feature that can help you find out a lot more about people before you get married.