Curry County Marriage Records

NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Curry County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Curry County Clerk29821 Ellensburg AvenueGold BeachOR97444541-247-3295
Brookings City Hall898 Elk DrBrookingsOR97415541-469-2163
Port Orford City Hall555 20th StPort OrfordOR97465541-332-3681
Curry County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Curry County Circuit Court Arrest Records
Curry County Divorce Certificates
Curry County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples 4,672 (45.0%)
Unmarried Couples 612 (2.8%)
Never Married Men 2,120 (22.5%)
Never Married Women 1,594 (15.8%)
Separated Men 78 (0.8%)
Separated Women 132 (1.3%)
Widowed Men 332 (3.5%)
Widowed Women 1,366 (13.6%)
Divorced Men 1,709 (18.1%)
Divorced Women 2,200 (21.8%)

What Is the Purpose of a Marriage Records?

Marriage Records in Curry County Oregon

Marriage Records in Curry County Oregon is maintained by the Oregon Health Information Center (OHDI) which is an agency of the state’s Department of Health. OHDI keeps marriage licenses current through a central record and performs background checks for anyone who might need one. The records can be requested from the various branches of the Health Information Center. You will need to fill out an application form requesting information regarding the marriage license you want to check. After submitting your request, an agent from OHDI will review your request and will give you a certificate of completion if all requirements have been met.

State marriage records are public record. However, because they are considered to be a public record, you may have to pay for a copy of the document. For those that are not aware, the fee for obtaining records through OHDI is $7.00 per record. If you would like multiple copies of the same record, however, you can request an unlimited amount.

When you submit an online request, you will first need to complete the request form. You will then be required to enter some basic information about yourself. This includes name, address, Social Security number, birth date and any other information that is pertinent. If there is a reason why your information is being requested, make sure you indicate it. In some cases, you can be asked to provide proof of residency or citizenship.

Once your information is submitted, you will receive a confirmation that will ask you to confirm your subscription to receive the records. Usually, you will receive a reply email asking you how you would like to proceed. Some sites require you to click a link before you can gain access to the records. Others do not require a click-link and will automatically deduct the requested information from your computer’s memory when it is full. It will take a few minutes before your data is transferred to your computer’s hard drive. This is normal.

Marriage records in the county of Curry are kept in the marriage records office of the state of Oregon. You will have to attend one of their offices if you are looking for the information you want. Information that is found on these records can include the names of the bride and groom as well as their parents and their surviving spouse. The surviving spouse can be either the husband or the wife of the person being married. This can also include children of the union.

There are many reasons why someone might need to access this type of information. If you are considering marrying someone online, it may be possible that your prospective fiancee has this information available. In addition, it can prove useful if you are getting divorced and need to know more about the history of your partner. It is important, however, that you exercise caution when using this service. Since it is free and available to the public, there are many unscrupulous people on the Internet who use this service for their own personal gains.