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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Oliver County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Oliver County ClerkPO Box 125CenterND58530701-794-8777
Oliver County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Oliver County Divorce Certificates
Oliver County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples529 (67.1%)
Unmarried Couples10 (0.5%)
Never Married Men130 (17.0%)
Never Married Women113 (15.5%)
Separated Men5 (0.7%)
Separated Women10 (1.4%)
Widowed Men41 (5.4%)
Widowed Women37 (5.1%)
Divorced Men23 (3.0%)
Divorced Women55 (7.6%)

Marriage Records In Oliver County North Dakota

In Oliver County North Dakota, marriage records are kept by the County so that they can provide you with vital information about the people involved. The records include names, places and dates of birth of all of the parties involved in the marriage ceremony, as well as their parents’ names, addresses, other pertinent information. You can get a copy of this information within just a few minutes, depending on how busy the particular county offices are at that particular time. Information about the marriage license can also be found in the certificate of marriages itself.

If you want to know more about specific records in an area, you can search for them in the central record office or you can also search using the specific terms for the particular county you are interested in. In the case of county records, you will be given the option to buy an online copy from a website or pay a fee to obtain the information you need. In most cases you will have to give some personal information before being granted access to the records that are public.

Marriage records are considered public records, so anyone can access them. However, they must be obtained legally through the state in which the event took place in. Because many states require couples to obtain legal paperwork before being able to obtain copies of these records, it can take a while to get the paperwork together and meet the legal requirements. However, you may not need a legal document to view the information. If you have any doubts, you can contact the county clerk and try to talk them into allowing you to look at the records for free.

When looking at county marriage records in Oliver County, you will notice that they are separated into two sections. The first category is the index section, which contains the most common information such as the names of the couple, their parents’ names and the ages at the time of the wedding. The second category is the full list of names, with the names in order of date of marriage and sometimes the parent’s names along with the names of the children. The full list of names can sometimes contain more than one marriage record.

Before you can get a copy of the records you need, you’ll need to contact the county office where the marriage occurred. Each county has its own laws and regulations when it comes to marriage and divorce records. Some states allow you to request a copy over the phone, while others require you to go down to the offices to request them. If you want the information immediately, then you will likely want to go down to the office and get the records you want. However, if you want to know more information, you can mail or fax them to the county office and wait for them to get back to you.

Many people wonder about the situation regarding divorce records in North Dakota. They wonder if they can access it and if it’s considered a public record. The answer is that they depend on where you live and whether or not the wedding was filed in the state. Other than that, no matter where you live you should be able to get the information you’re looking for regarding marriage records in Oliver County North Dakota.