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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Curry County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Curry County Clerk700 North Main StreetClovisNM88101575-763-5591
Clovis City Hall321 North Connelly StreetClovisNM88101575-763-9405
Melrose City Clerk105 West Avenue CMelroseNM88124575-253-4274
Texico City Hall219 South Griffin StreetTexicoNM88135575-482-3315
Curry County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Curry County Clerk County Records
Curry County Divorce Certificates
Curry County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples8,406 (45.5%)
Unmarried Couples1,442 (2.9%)
Never Married Men7,807 (38.6%)
Never Married Women5,034 (27.1%)
Separated Men255 (1.3%)
Separated Women422 (2.3%)
Widowed Men424 (2.1%)
Widowed Women1,634 (8.8%)
Divorced Men2,601 (12.9%)
Divorced Women2,661 (14.3%)

How to Do a Marriage Records Search in Curry County New Mexico

The process of searching for marriage records in Curry County is very easy. There are currently two ways for you to search for such records: online and the traditional method. The first method that people used to do when they wanted to find marriage records was to hire a private detective or an agency who will do the search for them. This method can work but it’s expensive and not 100% accurate. There are people who are paid in the money they spend on the search so this means that a lot of people tend to hire professionals because it’s more efficient.

When you search online, you’ll only pay a small fee that is worth it since it saves you time and effort. This method has also been known to give information about marriages that happen a long time ago. This doesn’t mean that every marriage that happened in the past few years is going to be listed in your search. You should check out the laws that apply in your state when it comes to marriage records if you really want to get the latest information.

The traditional way to do a search would be to go down to the office of your city or county and you’ll have to pay a huge amount of dollars just to access their marriage records. But the problem is that the results are not guaranteed to be accurate. Most of the time, the records are outdated. These records are stored from before the computerization of the records. So you can never be sure of the accuracy of these records. Also, there’s no guarantee that the results of a search will be for your specific purpose.

There are some other alternatives that you can use to search for marriage records in Curry County New Mexico. One alternative is to hire someone who already has all the information you need. There are many private detectives or agencies that can do the search for you. All you’ll need to do is provide them with some basic details about your search and they’ll get back with all the information you need. They may ask you for some minor payment but it’s totally worth it once you get all the information from them.

Another alternative you can use to do a search is to visit your local libraries and state archives. These places usually have marriage records on hand. It would take some time to process the information from their databases, but they will have all the information you need.

The information in your file will depend on what you already know. It could be information such as the names of the couple, their parents’ names, the date and location of the wedding, the officiant or whoever performed the ceremony. It might also include information about the witnesses, the names of the bridesmaid and groom, the decorations for the wedding, the gifts given by the guests and anything else you might want to add. This information is important especially if you want to remarry sometime in the future because you won’t find out if the new bride has already married someone else unless you do a complete search. However, if you are just checking up on someone, you can go with this method since it is quick and easy.