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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Harlan County Marriage & Divorce Records Office
Harlan County ClerkPO Box 379AlmaNE68920308-928-2179
Harlan County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Harlan County Clerk Website
Harlan County Divorce Certificates
Harlan County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples853 (53.6%)
Unmarried Couples71 (2.1%)
Never Married Men269 (18.3%)
Never Married Women173 (12.8%)
Separated Men
Separated Women5 (0.4%)
Widowed Men54 (3.7%)
Widowed Women170 (12.5%)
Divorced Men244 (16.6%)
Divorced Women178 (13.1%)

Where to Find Marriage Records in Harlan County Nebraska

If you are looking for marriage records in Harlan County, Nebraska, you may be concerned that access to such records is only for the purposes of genealogy. You may not have any immediate need to search these records, but researching your family history can certainly add some value to your life. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to find out more about your family’s past, there is a simple and very efficient method for you to use.

You can begin to search for these records in any state in the country where marriage licenses were granted, but in Nebraska it is necessary to apply for a legal copy of this record. To make things easier on you, we’ve compiled a guide to help you begin your search. This detailed information should make your task much easier and more productive. We highly recommend that you take advantage of this resource.

If you are looking for marriage records in Harlan County, you first need to know exactly where to look. A great starting point would be the county’s Vital Records Office. These offices are maintained by each county and are open at all times. If you know the name of the person you are searching for, you can generally get the information from the office. On most days, you can even have an appointment there in order to obtain copies of these records.

If the office does not have the records you are looking for, you may still be able to get them through other sources. A simple Google search may yield some interesting results. Most of the websites will list the information in the format supplied by the state’s Vital Records Office. Many times, they will also be able to supply you with a physical copy in the form of a DVD or CD. In most cases, a fee may be required before you receive the information you request.

However, if all else fails, there is always the Internet. The United States Department of State’s Marriage Records website contains a detailed searchable database of all public marriage records. The website is run by the State Department of Health and Welfare. To get started, you will simply select the state you are in and the county you were married in. Once this information has been entered into the site, you can begin your search.

The great thing about this website is that it is completely automated. The system runs constantly and searches millions of records, pulling them from the various government and public online sites on a daily basis. Because of this extensive search and the comprehensive report it gives you, it is always possible to find relevant information on someone. It’s a very good idea to run this type of search when you are conducting background checks on someone new. Whether it is a new neighbor you want to have dealings with or someone who is applying for a job, you will be able to find out all kinds of pertinent information through a simple online search.