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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Wayne County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Wayne County Clerk109 Walnut StreetGreenvilleMO63944573-224-3012
Wayne County Marriage License109 Walnut StreetGreenvilleMO63944573-224-5600
Piedmont City Clerk115 West Green StreetPiedmontMO63957573-223-7660
Wayne County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Wayne County Divorce Certificates
Wayne County Health Center Website
Wayne County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples2,708 (49.4%)
Unmarried Couples298 (2.3%)
Never Married Men1,295 (23.5%)
Never Married Women844 (15.2%)
Separated Men103 (1.9%)
Separated Women267 (4.8%)
Widowed Men222 (4.0%)
Widowed Women793 (14.3%)
Divorced Men915 (16.6%)
Divorced Women866 (15.6%)

How To Access Marriage Records

Public marriage records are kept by the county where the marriage took place. They are then transferred to the county offices of the county where the event took place and then from there they travel across the country to other counties and states. When someone has a wedding or a marriage license, it is recorded in the county where it takes place. This information is kept in the local county building along with the marriage license itself and then stored electronically in the county building.

As you can imagine the process of searching for these records can be time consuming. If you do not live in Wayne County, but you have friends or family that do then you will have to spend a lot of your time researching this information yourself. You might want to consider hiring a private investigator, but these professionals can cost a pretty penny. Also, if you know anyone who lives in this area then maybe they can help you out with this information. But with all the hard work that you put into gathering this information you do not want to spend it fighting with other people over this information. It’s better to let them search for the records online for you.

The online records are available to you for your personal use whenever you want. However before you get started make sure that you have all the information that you need. You will need to know the names of the couple, their parents’ names and their wedding date. You will also need to have information about the officiator of the ceremony, their maiden name and their last name and also their Social Security Number if this information is known. You will also need to know their official state marriage records as well as their license number.

Marriage records can be searched by any member of the public. You do not have to contact each of the County Clerks of Court and request the records individually. These online records are provided to you instantly and they will also provide you with the option of viewing the records immediately after payment has been made. This way you will not waste any time or money in getting these records.

Marriage records in Wayne County, Missouri are readily available. This is because marriage records are now considered as public information and as such they can be searched by anyone who has the proper authorization. Marriage records are considered as a matter of public record and as such anyone can access the information and obtain copies of them. Marriage records have been used for many years now as vital records, since they give complete and accurate information on both sides of the marriage.

Marriage records in Wayne County, Missouri are maintained in the civil and criminal court houses of the county. However they are always stored electronically. This helps in making it easier for the people to obtain information on these records. Marriage records are important as they help prove the marital status of the person concerned. This is particularly important for those who have been divorced and are applying for re-marriage. People can also use marriage records to check if the other person has any criminal record and as such it is advisable that you get all the relevant information on a person before proceeding with a marriage.