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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Terrebonne Parish Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Terrebonne Parish Marriage License7856 West Main StreetHoumaLA70360985-868-5660
Loisiana Clerk7856 West Main StreetHoumaLA70360985-868-5660
Tensas Parish ClerkPO Box 1569HoumaLA70361985-868-5660
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Terrebonne Parish Clerk of Court Website
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Terrebonne Parish Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples19,022 (47.3%)
Unmarried Couples3,008 (2.7%)
Never Married Men14,766 (34.0%)
Never Married Women13,051 (28.9%)
Separated Men611 (1.4%)
Separated Women1,300 (2.9%)
Widowed Men1,352 (3.1%)
Widowed Women4,087 (9.0%)
Divorced Men5,063 (11.7%)
Divorced Women6,102 (13.5%)

How to Look For Marriage Records in Terrebonne Parish

There are two ways to obtain Marriage Records in Terrebonne Parish Louisiana. The first one would be to personally request the records from the county office concerned. However, this method is time-consuming and does not guarantee results immediately. Secondly, through a state agency like the Vital Records Office of Louisiana, you will be charged a nominal fee for processing. If you have an urgent need for these records, it would be best to obtain them from the government offices first before going any farther.

To start with, you would have to fill up an Application for Search and Delivery of Marriage Records in Louisiana which needs to be signed by the applicant (you). Such applications are available online at various state agencies’ website. Upon submission of the Application, a response would be expected. The response would consist of a formal written statement which gives details of reasons why an individual’s application has been rejected. In cases where the reason is a valid, undeclared marriage, the denial may be lifted only after submission of additional proof or documentary evidence.

It is essential to be very careful when filling up the application form as it normally includes personal information. If the applicant has been married before then the marriage license would be regarded as being current, unless the marriage license has been expired. It would then be necessary to get a new application form signed. It is important that the application should contain the original copy of the marriage license along with a photocopy or facsimile of the original document. It is better to have all the relevant documents together and handy.

After the application is received, it should be returned along with the required documents together with payment. Within a short period of time, the marriage records would be on your hands. However, if the reason for the request is something less than official, you would still be able to get the desired documents. The delay will depend on how long it takes the county clerk to process the application.

The documents needed are those related to the couple. It would include their names, the date of marriage, witnesses, entry of signature, and even the response of “I do”. These documents could be useful if there is a dispute over the details of the marriage. It will also help you in case of divorce or annulment of the marriage.

There are various ways of finding the marriage records. You could either visit the office directly or hire a private investigator who would then give you access to the same. Though hiring an investigator is expensive, it would also give you total confidentiality and the documents needed are authentic and certified. You would need to know that the investigator is credible. A good investigator knows all the legal angles.