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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Nicholas County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Nicholas County Clerk125 East Main StreetCarlisleKY40311859-289-3730
Nicholas County Marriage License125 East Main StreetCarlisleKY40311859-289-3730
Nicholas County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Nicholas County Clerk Website
Nicholas County Marriage Certificates & Records
Married Couples1,421 (51.5%)
Unmarried Couples268 (3.9%)
Never Married Men711 (26.6%)
Never Married Women700 (23.1%)
Separated Men94 (3.5%)
Separated Women85 (2.8%)
Widowed Men62 (2.3%)
Widowed Women276 (9.1%)
Divorced Men303 (11.3%)
Divorced Women441 (14.6%)

Marriage Records in Nicholas County – Free Information

Marriage Records in Nicholas County, Kentucky comprises all the details about a person’s wedding and marriage. This county is one of the six local branches of the county of Kentucky. This particular county was named after the American Revolutionary War hero of the same name, General George Nicholas. As a county, this metropolitan city of Kentucky has compiled and maintained all information about marriages that have taken place within its boundaries. This information is then made available to the general public through various online sources.

Marriage records in Nicholas County, Kentucky consist of all the necessary data about the marriage of the said couple. The bride and groom are listed here. This includes their names, the ages at the time of their weddings, their parents’, witnesses’ names and any other relevant information that pertain to their unions. This information can be searched by anyone who needs it from official government offices or by the individuals themselves.

Marriage records in Nicholas County can also be obtained directly from the county offices. However, this is not easy at all as these places usually maintain different sets of records for different classes of people. Thus, it will be quite a job to comb through all these records to find the relevant information you are looking for. In some instances, you may even end up having to pay some fees for the information. These records are however more accurate as they are compiled from official sources like the county office itself, from the church offices and from the offices of the registrars.

Marriage information in Nicholas County can also be obtained from certain sources online. There are several online sources that give information on the marriage of a particular person or of multiple people. Some of them charge a token fee for accessing their information however other credible ones do not. You can access such databases by searching over the Internet.

It is important that you choose a reliable source for obtaining information regarding marriages in Nicholas County. The information must however be cross-checked so as to ensure its veracity and accuracy. The information you obtain must then be delivered in a Format that can be easily read and understood. You should ensure that it includes the complete name of the couple, their parents’ names, witnesses and the date of marriage. You can also include the reason for the marriage and the location of the ceremony.

Marriage records are kept in several different places. They are kept in the local government buildings in Kentucky, in the county offices and at the church archives. You can access information like this using your computer. Such records are usually free but you might need to incur some costs when it comes to retrieving them using electronic means. Whatever the case may be, conducting a search on the Internet is always a good idea.