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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Anderson County Clerk Office
Atchison County Clerk100 East 4th AvenueGarnettKS66032913-367-1653
Anderson County Town & City Halls
Colony City Hall339 Cherry StreetColonyKS66015620-852-3530
Garnett City Hall131 West 5th AvenueGarnettKS66032785-448-5496
Greeley City Hall112 West Brown AvenueGreeleyKS66033785-867-2440
Kincaid City Hall106 North Commercial StreetKincaidKS66039913-757-4711
Anderson County Marriage License Office
Anderson County Marriage License100 East 4th AvenueGarnettKS66032785-448-6886
Anderson County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Anderson County Divorce Certificates
Anderson County Genealogy Records
Anderson County Marriage Certificates & Records
Fourth Judicial District of Kansas Marriage Applications
Married Couples1,739 (54.2%)
Unmarried Couples61 (0.8%)
Never Married Men658 (21.9%)
Never Married Women524 (16.3%)
Separated Men4 (0.1%)
Separated Women4 (0.1%)
Widowed Men90 (3.0%)
Widowed Women449 (14.0%)
Divorced Men404 (13.4%)
Divorced Women501 (15.6%)

Marriage Records in Anderson County, Kansas

There are many reasons you may need to look up marriage records in Anderson County, Kansas. With all the growing subdivisions and counties that are springing up here and across the nation, it is important for the citizens of Kansas to be aware of the information they are required to provide when requesting a record. The information that is provided on these documents will determine if the request is granted or denied. For example, if someone is applying for a social security card or has become a naturalized citizen of the United States, their application would most likely be approved.

If you want to find out the information that you are searching for then you should look into the Marriage Records in Anderson County section of the Vital Records Office. You can go to the location by looking through the yellow pages or doing an online search. You may also want to call the county and ask about the marriage records in their jurisdiction. Each county has its own set of guidelines for obtaining these documents.

If you have a reason that you need to look up information regarding marriages, then it is very important that you find the correct form. There are some people that do not know the difference between a federal and state marriage license. They end up with problems because they provide the wrong information to the office. You should know the difference between the two. Marriage records are kept in separate files for each state and federal marriage license.

When looking up records in this county, you may find that you will have to fill out some forms before you can get the records. You may also have to provide some information. These may include the names of the bride and groom, witnesses and the official or certified signature of the witnesses. This information is used to verify the information you have given. It may take a while to get the records as it must go through many offices. Some of the requirements may be that the paper work has to be typed or handwritten.

When you want to look up marriage records in Kansas, you should know that some of the details about the person you are searching for may be available as a record. For example the social security number can be found on the report. Also, if there is a criminal background check that has been conducted on the person then you can find this as well. These things are all available when you want to look up information regarding marriage records.

Marriage records are maintained in two different ways. You have the option of going to the county where the event took place and requesting the records or you can request them online. When looking up information regarding marriages in Anderson County, Kansas you should know that you can get them from several different places. You can get them from the county courthouse, library or from the internet. However you obtain them, you will want to make sure that you get a professional report which will help you out when you want to claim any of the documentation that is available.