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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Union County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Union County Clerk300 North Pine StreetCrestonIA50801641-782-7315
Afton City Hall115 East Kansas StreetAftonIA50830641-347-5224
Lorimor City Hall503 Main StreetLorimorIA50149641-763-2297
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Married Couples2,568 (48.4%)
Unmarried Couples441 (3.6%)
Never Married Men1,427 (29.4%)
Never Married Women1,271 (24.0%)
Separated Men47 (1.0%)
Separated Women102 (1.9%)
Widowed Men232 (4.8%)
Widowed Women503 (9.5%)
Divorced Men541 (11.1%)
Divorced Women768 (14.5%)

How to Search For Marriage Records in Union County Iowa

Marriage records are one of the most important public records and it is highly recommended that you go through this process to check on your loved ones. This information can be useful in many situations, for example if you are planning to remarry, applying for a job, adopting a child or genealogy purposes. These records are maintained by various counties in the state and are updated from time to time.

The concept of marriage is such a common word today that the process of checking on marriage licenses is no longer based in a courthouse in every city and town. The best place to get marriage records is from the county office where the wedding took place. This is because the person who got married has already stated his/her complete details on the application and thus the records are considered true and legal. These records are stored in the county office where the wedding took place therefore, this means that it could have been completed several months before your visit. However, these marriage records are still considered as public information and people are free to access them whenever they want, whenever they need to.

These records are readily available online, however, some people would still want to get the information about the records since they cannot get to them easily online. There are actually several places where you can get the information that you want, however, these are not reliable since the people who own those records may no longer be living. Furthermore, searching for someone else’s records can be a daunting task since the person may already have another person living with him/her. This can lead to a lot of frustration and problems since it is just too hard to track down people and trace their roots.

When looking for marriage records in Union County, Iowa, it is highly suggested that you visit the office of the county where the wedding took place. This way, you are sure that the records that you will be getting are original and that you will not have to face any problems in obtaining them. Aside from that, you can also request for an official copy through the mail if you are a resident of that area. Keep in mind though that the cost of the reproduction of the record may be a little expensive, especially if the actual record is very big in size. If you do not want to spend a lot, then there are other options that you can choose from.

In this modern world where technology has advanced to such a high level, one of the easiest ways to get information that you need is by doing a search using the internet. There are a lot of websites online that offers information on different matters such as marriage records, birth records, ancestry traces and genealogy. However, most of these websites only offer a fraction of what they actually offer. What is good about online searching for these records is that it is very convenient since you can search from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, you can also expect that you will receive the information that you have asked for in a very short time.

Another option that you can try if you want to obtain the information that you need on marriage records in union county Iowa is by going through the local government offices. These government offices usually maintain all the vital records that are filed in their files. In most cases, the fee that they charge is not that expensive at all. With that said, it is still suggested that you search for these records online first in order to save a lot of money and time. In addition, you can expect that your search would be fast because the government offices usually update their records on a regular basis so your search will be updated on a daily basis.