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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Henderson County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Henderson County ClerkPO Box 308OquawkaIL61469309-867-2911
Henderson County Marriage License307 Warren StreetOquawkaIL61469309-867-3121
Biggsville Village Clerk112 Worthy Acres DriveBiggsvilleIL61418309-627-2579
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Henderson County Clerk and Recorder Website
Henderson County Divorce Certificates
Henderson County Marriage Certificates & Records
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Married Couples1,552 (51.4%)
Unmarried Couples209 (3.0%)
Never Married Men698 (24.2%)
Never Married Women637 (21.1%)
Separated Men36 (1.3%)
Separated Women24 (0.8%)
Widowed Men141 (4.9%)
Widowed Women357 (11.8%)
Divorced Men419 (14.5%)
Divorced Women374 (12.4%)

How to Search for Marriage Records in Hendricks County

Marriage Records in Henderson County is important as anyone who wishes to conduct a personal investigation would require this information. The best place to start your search is the county’s Vital Records Office where all the marriage and divorce certificates have been filed. The office is located at the county courthouse, which is found at the site of the building that once was the country’s first large-scale farm. The records of marriages are stored there in duplicate, original and official files. Each marriage license you apply for will be handled carefully according to state requirements.

It is easier if you know what you are looking for and this will allow you to make a more effective search for marriage records. It is also important to note that marriage records in Illinois are not linked with the Social Security Death Index or the death index of any other state. Therefore, any reference you make to Social Security Deaths or the death index should be made with utmost care. It should be noted that the Social Security Deaths Index was launched specifically to help individuals and families whose loved ones had died under suspicious circumstances to better inform the public about these deaths. This type of information is not available in any other public records.

You will also find a host of helpful resources online when you conduct a search for marriage records in Illinois. The easiest and most obvious way to conduct a search is to visit the county office where the wedding was performed. The county’s Vital Records website is accessible from its main website which you can access via any internet connection. From the home page you can fill in the complete names of the couple, complete the date of marriage and the location of the ceremony. You can then choose from one of the search options, which will present you with results of matching marital data on file.

Another good source of information regarding marriage records in Illinois is through online directories. There are many such online directories which have access to vital records of all counties in Illinois. These online directories allow you to search using either the name or date of birth of the person being traced or the social security number. The search will generate results which include a list of marriage records available in the state for that person. Some directories offer this service free of charge.

Marriage records in Illinois are a matter of public record and are freely available for viewing by anyone who has a legal right to do so. If you are conducting a background check on someone for some reason, it is important to be aware that the information you are retrieving is confidential. State laws and regulations ensure that your searches are legally protected. Therefore, before you begin searching for marriage records in Illinois, make sure you have this information in hand and that you have permission from the person in question to conduct such a search.

Marriage records are one source of information which is more thorough than others. People conducting a background check on someone can obtain background data on that person by going through this particular record. The only way to protect yourself from having this type of information used against you is to have a lawyer do the search for you. Hiring an attorney to do this kind of search can be very expensive and you may not be certain how to proceed. The other option available to you would be to do a general search online to see if you could locate the information you need.