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Power County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Power County Clerk543 Bannock AvenueAmerican FallsID83211208-226-7611
Power County Marriage License543 Bannock AvenueAmerican FallsID83211208-226-7610
Power County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Power County Clerk of District Court Marriage Records
Power County District Court Clerk Website


Married Couples1,494 (58.7%)
Unmarried Couples118 (1.6%)
Never Married Men724 (24.5%)
Never Married Women596 (21.8%)
Separated Men7 (0.2%)
Separated Women31 (1.1%)
Widowed Men77 (2.6%)
Widowed Women219 (8.0%)
Divorced Men465 (15.7%)
Divorced Women324 (11.9%)

Marriage Records in Power County Idaho – Search For Marriage Records Online

By getting access to the vital records of a county, such as Idaho State Vital Statistics Office or the Idaho State Department of Health and Welfare, one can find marriage records for that particular county. These vital records are kept in what is called the vital statistics database. The process of retrieving the records is often complicated and it usually needs to be done through the concerned office. The information in such records may be accurate but you cannot expect that the data contained in them will be comprehensive. Most of the data contained in these records are collected from different places and sources and the data is often inconsistent.

One advantage of using the official website of the State of Idaho to retrieve the records is that the online facility provides information of various timings. The site is updated frequently and provides information from the most recent data available. The most recent information can be directly cross-checked with other online record sources. This way one can ensure that the information obtained from any source is correct. It also ensures that one is not missing out any information which could be relevant. Since it is updated frequently, you can expect that it shall provide all the relevant information that you may need.

If you are doing a background check on a prospective spouse for whatever purpose, you can use the record to obtain the necessary information. These are public records and are available for everyone to obtain. This is one of the major advantages of conducting a record search. If you know where the person got married then you can use the records to find out if he or she was really married. Such records are not very difficult to locate since they are available from the county courthouse. In Idaho State, these records are normally maintained in the vital statistics office of the county where the marriage took place.

In case you want to get a copy of such records for any of your personal purposes, then you can visit any private or public library and get such records for the information you wanted. However, you should make sure that you get the information from reliable sources as multiple people can have different details of the same person. In Idaho, such records are usually maintained at the county office where the marriage took place. The office can either keep the records online for a period of time or can take a paper copy of the records for a fixed period of time.

If you want to get copies of such records quickly then you can always go online to the Idaho State Vital Statistics Office of Idaho or the Idaho State Museum. However, there is a charge for accessing the information from such sites. The charges are nominal and do not amount to much. You can get all kinds of information such as the individual’s name, the birth date, the marriage license number, the mother’s maiden name and the father’s name. Such records will be useful if you want to do some genealogical research.

The information contained in the records can be used for many purposes such as checking your family tree, conducting genealogies research, searching for someone whom you lost touch with, viewing the marital status of an individual and many more. For example, if you want to trace your family tree, the best way to go about it is to look for the marriage history of your forefathers. Similarly, if you want to locate someone who has died in your family, the death records will reveal this information. It is also useful when you want to check if your loved ones were divorced or not. The divorce records will help you know the other spouse and the reasons for the divorce. This is why, these days, searching for marriage and divorce records online is popular among individuals and professionals alike.