Bear Lake County Idaho Marriage Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Bear Lake County Clerk Office
Bear Lake County ClerkPO Box 190ParisID83261208-945-2212
Bear Lake County Town & City Halls
Bern City Hall382 Main StreetBernID83220208-847-2120
Montpelier City Hall534 Washington StreetMontpelierID83254208-847-0824
Paris City Hall62 South Main StreetParisID83261208-945-2253
St Charles City Hall11 N Main StSt. CharlesID83272208-945-9636
Bear Lake County Marriage License Office
Bear Lake County Marriage License7 East Center StreetParisID83261
Bear Lake County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Bear Lake County Clerk's Office Website
Bear Lake County Divorce Certificates
Bear Lake County Library District Website


Married Couples1,460 (63.1%)
Unmarried Couples70 (1.2%)
Never Married Men469 (20.5%)
Never Married Women380 (16.3%)
Separated Men10 (0.4%)
Separated Women35 (1.5%)
Widowed Men70 (3.1%)
Widowed Women237 (10.1%)
Divorced Men199 (8.7%)
Divorced Women207 (8.9%)

Marriage Records in Bear Lake County Idaho

The main office for public records of marriages in Idaho is located at the Office of the Clerk Recorder in Boise. Marriage records are maintained in the State of Idaho. The record keeping was done prior to the computerization and the elimination of the old fashioned time consuming index cards. For a fee you can have access to this information.

The website is set up to permit users to search all types of records that are available in the State of Idaho including, but not limited to, Death records, Marriage licenses, Revokes, Enables, License to Practice, War wounds, Marriage and divorce records, War death records, Certificate of Birth, Death and Marriage certificate, War Casualty Records and much more. If you’re looking for some documentation on a person who has moved to Idaho or wants to verify some data regarding some claim you may have about that person such as name or address, the database will help you out. You can also use this service if you need to verify information about a person who you think might be a person of interest or a family member. If it’s just for your own curiosity, you can also use this service for genealogical research. This is very useful if you want to locate members of your family or trace your ancestry.

You should bear in mind that if you want to access this database you’ll have to be prepared to pay a small fee. If you search for the records you’re looking for and you don’t find what you’re looking for or you find that the information is incomplete then you may have to pay a re-request. There’s no penalty for this but it can be irritating if you’re searching for records and you haven’t found what you were looking for. Bear in mind that the more records you request the higher the cost.

The best place to start your search is online. The best databases to start with are the ones that offer the most information for the prices. Bear in mind that they aren’t going to charge you just because you’re requesting the information. The costs will vary depending on whether they’re an online search or not. If you have any doubts about the accuracy of records they state, you can get a refund. A reputable website will let you do this without charge.

If you don’t know the spelling of the person’s last name or address, you may have to look elsewhere to find this information. It is possible to access records from other counties as well. Bear in mind however, that these services can only be accessed for free when you’ve made an account. You can then pay a small fee and gain unlimited access to information from any other county in Idaho or anywhere else in the country.

Once you have access to the marriage records in Idaho, you’ll have to decide whether or not you want to search by the person’s name or by the date of birth. If you’re looking for someone else’s records, you’ll want to do a date of birth search since it is more specific. Once you have located the information you need, you’ll need to pay the small fee for using a secure server. Then you can get started using an online form to fill out and get the records. After a few seconds, the information will be on your screen and you can access them from any computer.