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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Schley County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Schley County ClerkPO Box 352EllavilleGA31806229-937-2609
Schley County Marriage License200 Brond, Magistrate CourtEllavilleGA31806912-937-5581
Ellaville City Hall55 S Wilson StEllavilleGA31806229-937-2207
Schley County Marriage & Divorce Records Databases
Schley County Health Department Website
Schley County Marriage Certificates & Records


Married Couples993 (51.6%)
Unmarried Couples46 (0.9%)
Never Married Men667 (33.0%)
Never Married Women470 (22.9%)
Separated Men55 (2.7%)
Separated Women75 (3.7%)
Widowed Men29 (1.4%)
Widowed Women191 (9.3%)
Divorced Men197 (9.7%)
Divorced Women275 (13.4%)

How to Search For Marriage Records in Schley County Georgia

It is easier than ever to locate records about marriages in Georgia from the comfort of your home. Georgia’s Vital Records website provides access to vital records databases. These online public records are stored in the counties where the marriages were performed. In some instances, the location of the marriage is not specified and is left up to the discretion of the individual conducting the search. There are a number of ways to perform this search quickly and easily.

First of all, a person can use one of two methods to conduct this search: manual searches or computerized searches. The first method, manual searches, is highly recommended for those who know the details of the individual or couple they are searching for. If the person conducting the search has at least some knowledge of where the wedding took place, then the chances of success of their search will be much higher. It does require a bit more work, however. Because of the volume of data that needs to be accumulated and the fact that the information must be entered exactly to obtain the desired results, many times an individual will have to pay a small fee to have access to the complete information.

Another method of accessing marriage records in Schley County is to use a third-party company that specializes in marriage records. This company does charge a small fee for their services, but this is usually worth the cost to obtain the information that you are seeking. Their databases are not as large as the Georgia Vital Records site, but they are extremely complete and up-to-date. Using a third-party company means that the information that you are looking for can be obtained almost instantly. Unlike doing a manual search where the possibility of being successful is reduced, using the services of a reputable third-party company increases the chances of obtaining the information that you need.

Because it is very time consuming to manually search through records, many people turn to the Internet to locate their marriage records in Schley County. One of the best places to start your search is at the Georgia Department of Public Health website. This site is hosted by the state and contains a wealth of information that pertains to the health of citizens in the state. Because marriage records are considered to be public information, the GPH site is where you should be able to search.

Marriage records are divided up into two sections. The first section contains historical records on marriage from the previous to the present day. Genealogists often visit these records to obtain information about ancestors that they are researching. The second section of marriage records in Schley County consists of the certificate of marriage itself. This record is certified by a judge who presides over the wedding ceremony. It is vital that you have this document in your possession because it is the only legal documentation that exists that will allow you to prove your relationship to the person in question.

The next step in your quest to search for marriage records in Schley County is to head to the county’s department of registries. Here you can obtain the actual information that you are looking for. You can also obtain an application to download that will allow you to obtain the information much faster. It is important that you have all of the proper information before attempting to search for Schley County marriage records online, and if you do not have them all you may want to call the Georgia Department of Public Health for assistance in obtaining the information that you need.