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Custer County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Custer County ClerkPO Box 150WestcliffeCO81252719-783-2441
Custer County Marriage LicenseP.O.Box 150WestcliffeCO81252719-783-2441
Westcliffe Town Hall305 Main StreetWestcliffeCO81252719-783-2282
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Married Couples1,340 (64.0%)
Unmarried Couples64 (1.4%)
Never Married Men285 (14.5%)
Never Married Women209 (10.7%)
Separated Men23 (1.2%)
Separated Women11 (0.6%)
Widowed Men107 (5.4%)
Widowed Women96 (4.9%)
Divorced Men227 (11.5%)
Divorced Women222 (11.4%)

Marriage Records Online – Where to Find Marriage History Information Online

Marriage Records in Custer County Colorado is maintained by the County Clerk of Record under the responsibility of the Colorado Supreme Court. Marriage Records in Colorado is basically kept for the benefit of everyone concerned. These records are confidential and must be handled with care by the concerned authorities. If any wrong person obtains any information regarding the history of a marriage, it can be a cause for serious legal action.

The said records are available to any person via the State Department of Health Services, Family Services Division of the Colorado Department of Revenue or through the courthouses in each county where the marriage took place. However, the aforesaid sources are not the only means of obtaining marriage records. There are many commercial record providers in Colorado who may offer to provide the desired information on demand. These commercial record providers generally charge fees of around $20 per record and are able to provide the desired information in a short duration of time. Most of the commercial record providers have tied up with the respective county departments to provide a consistent flow of information on marriage history and marital status.

To obtain marriage records in Colorado, it is usually required to approach the County Clerk of Record directly. It is a simple process and involves filing an application with the concerned authority. The authorized officer will then conduct a search of the record database and present the results. A certified copy of the marriage certificate may be issued as a proof that the marriage took place in the prescribed form. The marriage license must be obtained from the county office after the formalities are completed.

Marriage records are mandatory to comply with certain conditions laid down by law. Before legally marrying someone in Colorado, the prospective groom and bride have to go through the prescribed procedures to acquire these records. It is important to get these records within two months of tying the knot. This is considered as the legal procedure to prevent any inaccuracy regarding the legal details of the marriage.

The marriage records contain vital information regarding the marriage history of the couple. They contain the date of birth of the couple, their real name, present and previous addresses, occupation and Social Security number of the couple. Marriage records also contain the names and birthdates of the witnesses at the wedding. Such records also include the civil status of the couple like how they are legally separated and married, whether or not they have children and the names of their witnesses.

In spite of the fact that marriage records are public, some states do not require the submission of these records before marriage. Therefore, it is advisable to confirm the legality of the proposed marriage before filing the necessary paperwork. Marriage records online can be requested from various locations all over the United States. The information will then be transferred to the county offices where the marriage took place. Once the details are verified, the county clerk will then grant permission to proceed with the marriage ceremony.