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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
Colusa County Marriage & Divorce Records Offices
Colusa City Hall425 Webster StreetColusaCA95932530-458-4740
Colusa County Clerk546 Jay StreetColusaCA95932530-458-0500
Williams City Clerk810 E StreetWilliamsCA95987530-473-5389
Williams City Hall810 E StreetWilliamsCA95987530-473-5389
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Married Couples4,036 (57.3%)
Unmarried Couples446 (2.1%)
Never Married Men2,895 (34.0%)
Never Married Women2,019 (25.3%)
Separated Men151 (1.8%)
Separated Women209 (2.6%)
Widowed Men179 (2.1%)
Widowed Women641 (8.0%)
Divorced Men677 (7.9%)
Divorced Women722 (9.0%)

Marriage Records

In the state of California you will find Marriage Records in Colusa County, which is located in the heart of the State. The most important role that these documents play in our daily lives is that they provide proof of marriage for any given person, either a male or a female and these are considered public records. There are some basic rules that are followed by the various authorities and agencies that handle the collection and storage of such data. There are some people who try to hide the identity of their real-life partner when they get married or have made any kind of official papers of marriage prepared but in reality they do not know that the public has access to such data bases.

The records can be searched by any individual or by any organization that requires them for official purposes. They can be obtained from some local courthouses and also from the office of the California Department of Public Health under its Vital Files Office. Under the provisions of the state law these Marriage Records in Colusa County is classified as being public domain. This means that they are freely accessible to all who require them for any purpose. The only condition under which these marriage records cannot be accessed by the public is if the couple themselves or their representatives sign a waiver indicating that the records will be disclosed to a third party only.

Under normal circumstances the marriage records are stored in the county where the marriage took place. The vital records department in the county hall keeps the complete records, however, this can change from time to time depending on the requirements of the county or the state. It depends on the jurisdiction that is considering the request. You may need to present reasons for your search such as wanting to check up on your heritage, or to verify the marital history of your great grandchildren.

You can search Marriage Records in Colusa County in the following ways; you can directly go to the office of the County Recorder, the records department in the California State Vital Records Office, the marriage records offices in San Diego and Orange County. The Vital Records Office provides free marriage records searches for people who want to access this information. You can also conduct an online search. There are many online providers who provide the same records at a much lower cost, however, when conducting an online search it is always best to conduct sufficient research on the background of the provider you intend to use to ensure that you get reliable data.

There are also many commercial companies offering marriage records searches online. However, there are pros and cons of using commercial services, some may offer you records that are more up to date than state or county records, however, some providers do have a limit to the amount of information that they can give you for a small fee. In some cases you can obtain records from other states such as Texas and Oregon.

If you are interested in obtaining Marriage Records in Colusa County, then the best option would be to visit the office of the County Recorder of Deeds. This office has all the necessary information that you will need to obtain your records online. You will need to fill out an application and after being approved, you will then be mailed with your request. Be sure to request for a copy of the actual certificate, which will prove your marriage. If you obtain records online you will have to pay a small processing fee for the records however it is still worth it to obtain the records since it will prove your marriage.