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Chittenden County Jail Records

Searching for Chittenden County Jail Records can be a daunting task. It’s not like going into your local library and pulling up a random book on jail records or anything. The internet is home to many different websites with information on different subjects, but none of them will give you basic information about jail records. This is not the same as having the documents physically. You need the correct forms to get a copy of your own court documents. You will need to fill out applications and give personal information as well as permission slips to gain access to the website.

There are several sites that offer a free service to search for Chittenden County Jail records. The information that they provide is not very current and is usually outdated. Some of the sites allow you to search only a state level and county level for free. If you want to search for a person who has been arrested and sent to jail in Vermont then you will have to pay a nominal fee. The reason that these so called “free” sites do this is because they have very little overhead and rely heavily on advertising.

The next step after finding a site that lets you search for Chittenden County Jail records is to actually pay the fee to gain the information you need. Most of the sites charge a nominal fee and provide you with the records in a matter of seconds. Sometimes it can take a few minutes. Once you have entered in the person’s name that you are searching you will receive a list of jail records. State and county levels are then shown.

State jail records are more detailed then county or district jail records. District jail records can only tell you what the person was charged with and could be a misdemeanor or felony. A misdemeanor is less serious than a felony. For instance, a person who was accused of disorderly conduct would be classified as a misdemeanor. An arrest warrant would be issued if the person had an outstanding warrant out for their arrest.

If the person had no prior arrests or anything listed in jail records then their case would be marked as a felony. It is important to make sure that you are only searching for Chittenden County Jail records of a certain person. Otherwise, you could end up with multiple charges for the same person.

When you have found the person that you want you can now either print off the paper right then, or you can use the Internet to fill out the request in a few different ways. You can either fill out the request form online, or you can mail it in. The most popular method today is the Internet. However, many people still prefer to mail in the request form. Either way it works just the same.