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Jail Records – Accessibility and Convenience

In the state of Texas there are some requirements for one to access their public jail records. The requirements vary from one county to another and even from city to city. Some of the general information that can be found are about the charges, dates and times of court appearances, names of accused and victim, addresses of jail cells, names of guards while in the jail and number of times that each prisoner was admitted.

Most of the Texas public records can be accessed free by any citizen over the age of eighteen who is a legal resident in the state of Texas. Some areas have more restrictive laws on who can access the records. In some counties access is restricted to law enforcement agencies and criminal justice agencies. This information can also not be accessed by some employers and landlords. These types of people are usually restricted to government agencies and other restricted parties.

The cost varies based on the information you want and how extensive your search is. If you need to find specific information such as past and present jail records then it is best to pay a small fee. For more comprehensive searches a membership to an online service is normally required. The cost for this is usually not more than $20 per year. The advantage of membership services is that you can perform unlimited jail records searches.

You will need to provide the first and last name of the person in jail as well as their social security number. Any additional information such as current address, work history, contact numbers and social networks will be requested from your provider. This information is usually used to generate a custom quote. To save time, try to locate a website that has the same information you are looking for. This will save you both time and money.

Although it is illegal to deny access to public jail records, most companies will charge a nominal fee to access the information. It may be required that you register, or pay a one time access fee. Some websites require a monthly membership fee that allows unlimited access to jail records. These charges generally cover the costs of maintaining the websites and providing the reports.

You may wish to access jail records when a loved one moves into a new neighborhood or state. You may also want to perform a jail records check if you are applying to a new job or applying for employment at a new school. Jail records are public record, so everyone can obtain them. The cost for jail records is not high, and the convenience of having all the information in one location makes the fee an affordable solution. If you are unsure whether you need to look up jail records, call your local jail and county public records office for assistance.