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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1179)Hand County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Hand County Jail & Sheriff415 West 1st AvenueMillerSD57362605-853-2408
Hand County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Hand County Sheriffs Office415 West 1st AvenueMillerSD57362605-853-2408
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Jail Records In Hand County

There are a lot of reasons why people look for jail records. The most common reason is to check up on the employees of their potential employers, especially those that work for the government. Government offices hold a huge database on their employees and they can give the public access to these files. There are other more malicious reasons why people search for jail records. Perhaps people want to find out if their partners are really married or not.

To conduct your search you need to first find out the information on jail records in Hand County. The best place to start your investigation would be the county sheriff’s department. You will probably need to go there and fill up a formal request for any record you want. These documents include criminal history reports, warrant of arrests, inmate records, jail records, inmate photos and more. If it is possible, try to get a copy of your current inmate’s record as well.

Aside from the jail records in Hand County, there are also many other public records you can access online. Try going to the county library branch to check up on your ancestors and great-grandparents. The jail records you get there will also tell you if your great-grandparents were convicted of a crime and served time in jail. The same holds true with your family tree. You can trace your roots back to when you were still a kid using a birth certificate.

There are also many free records that you can find online. The main advantage of this is that you will be able to get all kinds of information about someone. However, the disadvantage is that there are cases where these records may be fake. Also, these online sources will only give you limited information about a person. You may not know whether the information is correct or not.

A more convenient option is to pay for a public records service. There are also some that allow you to look up for free but then you have to make payment for any additional information. This is usually for a year at a time. You will be able to get full background checks on sex offenders, driving and criminal offenders, and even civil suits, real estate property taxes, and more.

If you need to get jail records in Hand County, South Dakota, it is definitely time for you to search through the internet. However, make sure you do not settle for just any site. Do some research before committing to one. As long as you can get to the main purpose of your search, everything else should be easy.