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Jail Records – How to Find Criminal Court Records For Free

Jail records are normally available to the public. However, in cases where someone has been convicted of a felony or if they have committed a sex crime, the courts can keep this information private. However, the courts have the power to make public records, especially criminal records.

People can access these public records from courthouses in their state and from police departments that are responsible for maintaining the state’s prison records. In most cases, access to these files is limited to law enforcement agencies and prosecutors. Jail records can be found free online. In some instances, a fee may be required; however, public records searches are usually free.

There are several reasons why someone might need to look up jail records. Someone may need jail records to check on someone else who may be in jail, such as a nanny. Someone may want to check on someone they just started dating, and the person has already been in jail. People can even search for jail records online to obtain other information, such as past arrest records. The type of information that can be obtained from jail records online depends on the jurisdiction that the records are filed in.

Jail records are different than other public records. Jail records are not filed electronically. Therefore, they cannot be searched electronically using a computer. You will need to visit the courthouse in the county in which the person was arrested or served to obtain jail records.

In some counties, access to jail records can be granted if the person can provide identification, usually a driver’s license. A certified copy of identification is then given to the person to use for jail records. In some counties, an application can be filed with the clerk of court and must include a verified identification. Some courts require a cash payment upfront to obtain access to these records. Others do not.

Jail records are considered to be public record and are accessible by anyone over the Internet. There are free sites that can provide access to jail records. Some of these websites allow public access to criminal history and inmate information. However, these services do not have data on arrests that were completed in more recent years. Jail records can be requested from state correctional facilities through the Department of Public Safety or from local law enforcement agencies.