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Jail Records – Accessibility and Reliability

Access to free public jail records in Mercer County, North Dakota can now be found on the internet. By visiting their online site you will be able to request a full list of past and present inmate records. You will also gain access to other public information such as court records, police reports and other inmate information. If you are looking for employment, or are concerned about the safety of a family member, it makes sense to find out all you can about the people around you.

Jail records in Mercer County are considered public record. This means that anyone who is requesting information must first obtain permission from the jail in which the person was convicted. Some states make this permission freely available to the public. Others require a formal written waiver. Jail records in North Dakota do not contain this waiver, so you will have to get a court order to have access to them. Jail records will not help if you are trying to establish any relationship with someone imprisoned.

However, it can be helpful to learn more about an individual. Before you make contact with them, access to their jail records can provide some background information. This can give you insight into the character of the person. If a person has been convicted of a crime, there is a public record of this conviction, but access to this information is limited to law enforcement agencies and certain agencies that have a legitimate reason to have access to it.

There are a number of reasons why people would want to access the jail records of someone else. If a person has been convicted of a crime and is in jail, this can prevent them from gaining employment. Potential employers may want to know more about someone’s background before they offer them a job. Many parents are interested in hiring a nanny to care for their children while they are away at work. Online services can answer questions about a prospective nanny or daycare provider. The same holds true for parents who are concerned about the care of their mentally ill or handicapped relative.

Criminal history background checks can also be conducted. Many local law enforcement agencies keep national and state records on people. These criminal records can include arrests, convictions, time served in jail and other misdemeanor charges. While these criminal records can give you insight into the criminal activity of a person, they are not the same as jail records.

Jail records are held in jail files. This means that the person had to go to jail and the process of removing the criminal record from their files must be done by the jail. The same holds true for other court ordered activities such as probation, substance abuse and other supervision. If you are interested in the jail records of a person, an online criminal history background check is a good option to consider.