Harnett County North Carolina Inmate Jail Records

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NameAddressCityStateZip CodePhone Number
(1706)Harnett County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Harnett Correctional Institution1210 East McNeill StreetLillingtonNC27546910-893-2751
Harnett County Inmate & Jail Records Offices
Harnett County JailPO Box 399LillingtonNC27546910-893-0257
Harnett County Jail175 Bain StreetLillingtonNC27546910-893-0257
Harnett County Sheriffs Office / Harnett County Jail1005 Edwards DriveLillingtonNC27546910-893-9111
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Harnett County Inmate Search & Jail Roster
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Jail Population Held for State Prison
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Prison
Jail Population Held for State Jail
Jail Population Held for Out-of-State Jail
Jail Population Held for Federal Agencies18
Jail Population Held for ICE
Pretrial Jail Population131
Female Pretrial Jail Population11
Male Pretrial Jail Population107
Total Jail Admissions3,968
Total Jail Population207
Female Jail Population22
Male Jail Population150
Asian Jail Population
Black Jail Population83
Latino Jail Population
Native Jail Population
White Jail Population89
Total Prison Population334
Female Prison Population18
Male Prison Population316
Total Prison Admissions163
Female Prison Admissions11
Male Prison Admissions152
Asian Prison Admissions
Black Prison Admissions78
Latino Prison Admissions8
Native Prison Admissions
White Prison Admissions75
Other Prison Admissions2
Asian Prison Population
Black Prison Population165
Latino Prison Population18
Native Prison Population5
White Prison Population144
Other Prison Population2

Jail Records – How To Go About Getting These Records

If you are looking for jail records of an individual in Harnett County, you may have to do a little searching. Although the internet is a great tool to help people find any information they need, there are some records that are not found online and only a state or local government agency will have access to them. State agencies like the Department of Public Safety will hold the criminal history information. If you are looking for jail records in Harnett County, you will want to go straight to the jail. They will have the most current information regarding your case.

If you are looking for jail records in Harnett County, you will need to go to the jail. They will either have their own files or have access to those files through a state agency. Most counties in North Carolina have their own website where you can find criminal records. It is fairly easy to go to the county’s website and get the information you are looking for.

You may also be able to get these records from the Department of Public Safety in your area. However, this is rarely the case as it is usually more convenient to go directly to the jail to obtain these records. The jail websites usually have the most up to date information and can give you a lot of information on one person. However, the information is not usually free. You will usually have to pay a nominal fee before you can gain access to the public jail records.

In some instances, you may need to hire an online service that does jail records. There are many reputable and professional services that can perform this search for you. They are fairly inexpensive and it will save you time. One of the best parts of using an online service is that they will provide you with the most up to date information. You will not have to waste your time searching through paper or offline media.

When hiring an online service to perform your jail record search, make sure to choose one that offers unlimited access. This way, you can perform as many searches as you need. It is also a good idea to look for a service that gives you a detailed criminal background check. This will allow you to see if someone has any criminal past that they haven’t already disclosed. It is important to know who you are working with and to make sure that they have a good reputation.

Jail records can sometimes reveal a lot about a person. It can reveal whether or not they have a prior criminal background. It can also reveal their age and any other pertinent information. If you are thinking about hiring someone to work in your home, it is a good idea to do a background check. You never know who could be living next door or within your neighborhood. Jail records can save you from making a poor decision.