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Jail Records Are Not Viewable Online

Accessing the public records database of the Martin County Indiana State Police is easy. The most basic of searches is to use your favorite search engine (Google or Yahoo) and type in the person’s name that you are investigating as a criminal suspect. There is an option to enter the person’s date of birth, Social Security number and/or driver license number to narrow down your results to the public records that match your criteria. These online databases are comprehensive and allow you to get information such as arrest warrant reports, criminal history checks, inmate status checks and more. If you want to go even further you can enter the person’s name and current address to obtain a copy of their birth certificate. In addition to searching for these records online, you can also call the state police department in Indiana and ask for records on a specific individual.

Arrest warrants are one of the most valuable pieces of information available. They give law enforcement the power to take a person into custody without a court order. Warrants are issued when a person fails to appear at his or her court date, is on parole, or has violated the terms of his or her probation. Obtaining an arrest warrant can be done through various ways.

By visiting the county courthouse where you suspect the person committed a crime, you may be able to view their arrest records. This service is usually free. However, if you have any questions, you should contact the circuit court office. These records are not viewable online.

You can contact the criminal defense lawyer that you hired to represent your case. This criminal defense attorney will most likely have access to the public criminal records databases. He or she can tell you what information you need to know about the person in question.

You can always hire a private investigator to dig up dirt on someone. These private investigators are able to discover a lot of personal information on a person. However, these services can be quite expensive. Therefore, it is not a very feasible option for the general public.

An alternative method to getting jail records is to do a free criminal background check online. There are websites that offer to give you this information for free. However, they will often only give you limited information or will not even give you the accurate information. Free sites may also end up giving you inaccurate information.